How to care for your skin in winter?


Winter's Chill immediately has an impact on our face. How attractive it was in the summer and early fall! Now, the skin became pale and looks unhealthy, either shelled or too shiny, cheeks irritation. The decision of seasonal cosmetic problems start with a visit to a specialist. Only cosmetologist will determine the type of your skin and recommend how to properly care for it throughout the year. In specialized clinics are testing that will determine the moisture content of your skin its elasticity, the degree of fat content and features of aging.

How to choose cream?

Winter — time reviewing their habits related to skin care. And the three year old principle — cleansing, moisturizing, protection — in the cold season to be replaced by a more intense care— Cleansing, nutrition and protection. "Winter" cream — thick, greasy, rich in vitamins.

In Russia traditionally before going out face smeared with goose fat. Modern drugs are equally effective. Try to acquire the domestic cosmetics, as imports are often not designed for the Russian frost and temperature changes. The exception is a special line of products for the "Northern women." And again, all the creams need to impose onface at least half an hour before the fresh air, otherwise you will get the opposite result — hypothermia skin.

Always a few minutes after applying the cream pat the skin tissue. Wash as necessary, not later than one hour before going outside. Even in the cold for skin preparations are needed to facilitate the process of regeneration, such as fruit acids. For this purpose good as jojoba oil (vitamin E), and cedar. Creams with vitamin C strengthens the skin, supplying it with energy. Vitamin A is part of the anti-aging creams.

But do not look for a cure — makeup skin in these vitamins can be more simple and natural way. Eat more products containing blocked.

Winter in rooms with central heating, the air becomes very dry, so the skin loses a lot more water than in the summer. Try to feed her more often life-giving water, fight the excessive dryness of the air. Help house plants, wet towels on the batteries. Do not leave the house without lipstick. Even if you do not use decorative cosmetics, do not neglect the hygienic lipstick — then your lips after walking in the cold wind will not crack.

Actually Care

So you've cleared the face and neck relevant milk or lotion. The next stage of care — toning — a very important point. Tonics prepare the skin to accept cream, improves the condition of blood vessels, stimulate the metabolism. Now skin ready to assimilate nutrients from drugs. We recall that all means purchase a phased exit from one firm. Lotion, milky lotion, tonic preparations — each scheme implies a certain set of logical and promotion to the effect.

How to impose cream? Do not rub it (any touch to the skin leads to stretch her), and slight movements of fingers, apply the cream so that he absorbed. Leave it more than 20 minutes is not worth it. Many believe that the cream on your face can wake up in the morning. In any case — it can lead to edema. Excess cream must-wet cloth.

Not all drugs can be washed off with water, especially in the winter. If you are using scrubs, peels (they dry themselves) try to shake them off, and then wipe the face lotion or jelly. If skin excessively dry, morning washing should be replaced by the cleansing cosmetics. In the evening, take it a rule to wash with the appropriate drugs — a gel, foam, liquid soap. Do not skimp on the attention to their skin, and then the cold you will be uneasy.

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