How to create items for cheap bionanorobotov, invented in Kharkov

Scientists KNU them. Karazina created a cheap way to produce nanoparticles that are used when creating bionanorobotov, microscopic space engines and turbines hardening.

The project "Reactive ion-plasma synthesis of functional coatings" was the winner in the nomination "The best innovative project in the field of production technology of new materials."
The new development is used in medicine.


Farenik said that in the world there are many ways to produce nanoparticles, but most of them are either very expensive, or make defective nanoparticles, which is unacceptable. Developed installation combines a unique set of ion-plasma surface treatment tools. The main idea lies in making the vacuum in several technological operations, which did not exist.

Scientific language technology is the separation of two processes: sputtering a metal target using a DC magnetron in an inert gas and a reactive gas activation using an additional plasma source based on the RF inductive discharge.

Farenik told that this development is already actively used. In particular, the creation of implants at the Institute of Spine and Joint Pathology name Sitenko. In addition, it is used on the Kiev "Saturn" and Kharkov FED, which is famous for its nanocoatings for aircraft engines.

The project was developed in conjunction with the "Physical Science and Technology Centre of the Ministry of Education and Science and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine." (NFTTS MES and NAS). Total investments — 120,000 dollars. Payback period — 1.8 years.

Told "City Watch" said project leader, who won the contest investment "Kharkiv Initiatives" Vladimir Farenik.

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