How to enslave a continent?

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At first they were happy because there is no money in Russia. When the money came, they were happy because we have to buy cars abroad. When we began to open up car factories, they were happy because they build on the "screwdriver". When it was complete cycle plants, they are depressed, but take comfort that technology is still being developed in Europe and Japan …

Now, however, we not only develop new technologies, but also to use them to grab huge markets. Our helicopters — which, by the way, where as more high-tech than cars — every year more densely occupied Latin America.

Curiously, a foothold in South America failed in its time, even the Soviet Union. Under Khrushchev and Brezhnev, we helped military equipment to Cuba, Peru and Nicaragua, but even though we have supplied our arms with huge discounts (and sometimes free), establish cooperation with major countries of the continent — such as Brazil — the Soviet Union was never able to:…ya-latinskoy-ameriki.html 

In the nineties, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and so small sales sagged even more. At the lost decade Russia had almost no opportunities to advance its interests abroad.

New chance we got at the beginning of two-thousand years — after a row of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and the United States. Venezuela began to buy Russian weapons.

It took only a few years, and our equipment started to buy the two largest countries on the continent — Brazil and Argentina. At the same time, it is important that we are not talking only about the military models.

For example, in 2010 the Mi-171A1 (produced in Ulan-Ude) won the Brazilian oil company announced a tender for the supply of helicopters for operations in the Amazon:

And last year, the Brazilian company is purchased from "Rostekhnadzor" on trial Ka-32A11VS:…hila-rossijjskijj-ka32a11 

If all goes according to plan, the helicopters of this model will work in Brazil as air taxis.

Venezuela has bought from us in the past years, more than 56 different models of helicopters, including attack Mi35M2:…524/09598280/detail.shtml 

I should note that the value of one of the helicopter (with spare parts and service) exceeds $ 40 million. For example, the United States has recently purchased from us for counter-insurgency operations in Afghanistan 21 helicopters for a total of $ 900 million:

The group experiencing pain for the native industry of U.S. senators demanded it stop buying helicopters from Russia, but the U.S. State Department did not feel able to give up our equipment.

In fairness, I note that the United States as a customer for us is not too promising — local manufacturers of helicopters too close friends with the decision-makers of the purchase by the military, to let us in this market except in the form of temporary exceptions.

Therefore, South America — although it is less rich — we are much more interesting than the North. I quote from an interview with a representative of the "Rostekhnadzor," Sergei Goreslavskaya:

One of the important projects — cooperation "VSMPO" with Brazil. Corporation for 100% closes the needs of the largest Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer in titanium and titanium products …

In December, we, along with one of the largest military-industrial groups in Brazil — company Odebrecht Defensa e Technologia — started working on a joint project of the possible organization of assembly production helicopter "Mi" brand.

Assembly production helicopters economically justified, when it comes to assembling home party at least 50 cars. It’s billions of dollars … the sum is comparable to the cost of a modern automobile.

Brazil — one of the largest countries in the world with a population of 190 million people — in need of much more helicopters than 50 pieces. Brazil now most actively buying our helicopters, with no saves, and requires us to pay the new models:

As you can see, things to helicopters things are great. We not only produce helicopters in themselves, but also open in other countries assembly plants and service centers — such strategies automakers adhere to our domestic market. As is the case with the same AvtoVAZ and "Renault", here we are talking about technology transfer, the circuit looks just the opposite: technological donor in the field of helicopter are we, as the host country — sales market.

Thus, we bind ourselves to the largest buyers of our technology and give them the opportunity to dramatically increase the purchase of Russian helicopters — as repair and maintain helicopters in the region is much more convenient than driving them because every little thing in Russia.

To understand the dynamics — if in 2004, we produced 85 helicopters, in 2011 — three times more than 262 cars.

Well, you say, with the helicopters in Latin America we all wonderful. But what about cars? Is there for us all is lost?

Did not. Thank you for purchasing power, our car market has made a huge leap in recent years. If at the beginning of zero years open all the more test screwdriver factories that have now started to work a serious production. For example, last year opened a factory in Kaluga, a full cycle, which brings together Peugeot 408 and Mitsubishi Outlander:


As for AvtoVAZ, the cooperation with Renault-Nissan worked to his advantage. Already in March in Peru will begin work on the interior of the plant sales. Living room area — 1200 square meters, opens its local partner, "Rostekhnadzor» — Automotive Company SAC, and sold there will be a whole range, from Kalina, Priora and Largus.

So, back to the Liberals.

Now Russia is not only supplies its equipment abroad, but also builds factories in other countries to produce our technology to them. That is, we behave like the most that neither is a technologically advanced country.

Will the Liberals find in this fact though something nice for yourself?

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