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Summer — a traditional time for travel. Already purchased tickets, collected the things you look forward, and that very soon blissfully stretched on the top shelf and under the bitter smell of smoke and measuring the wheels will distract from the urgent problems. And, maybe, you will travel in a car or on a plane?

Whatever you choose, of course, you did not forget about the entertainment on the go — captured with a pair of detectives, cards, crossword puzzles. However, there is one small catch — you are traveling with your child. That means we need to think what to do with him during the trip. I suspect that the latter is unlikely detective will help you. But to take bulky board games on the road is not very convenient, because the account every extra kilogram and centimeter free in a suitcase. Let's try to do anything available!

The main rule — do not entertain children ahead of time. After all, they want to immerse themselves in a new first impression, consider a coupe or cabin, listening to the new sounds … But ever bored. And if you feel that the child is tired of itself to take, it's time to act!


Try as real travelers conduct with a child travel diary. It is suitable for any thick notebook or sketchbook. It's okay if the baby is not yet able to write — he can draw on the road you will come across an unusual car, a bird or a river. In the diary can then paste the photos taken on the road, or tickets that are left in memory of the journey. And maybe you want to save dried flower from a long way station? In this blog you can paste your used air or train tickets. It is interesting to monitor the movements on a map (it will also become an important part of the diary.)

Comments for pictures and photographs can be done in the style of this guide: "Look, what a magnificent panorama of the gas station is opened in front of you on the right side! And this mighty oak is rightly considered a symbol of the ancient brotherhood Dubogolovyh. " Do not forget to mark the date, and the long winter evenings you will get a lot of fun, flipping through your blog and reliving the summer experience.

I draw, I'll draw

If the road you have not come across anything interesting, you can just draw something. A small drawing pad and a set of pencils or pens — it's just a storehouse of possibilities! The child is full of new impressions, and he'll want to express in color and form what he cares about. And when drawing one will bother it, you can come up with games related to drawing.

For example, the game "Nonsense". Certainly, it is familiar to you from your own childhood. You paint the top of the sheet someone's head (human, animal, birds), designate where to start neck and torso to bend sheet so that your drawing to be seen, and pass it to the child. He paints the body, starting with your marks, and leaves, in turn, to mark where to draw the legs. Dorisoval feet, you expand their joint masterpiece of fantasy art.

But the game "The puzzle picture". You paint a picture with a "wrong" — for example, in the sky at the same time the sun is shining and the moon, or a person on one leg boots, and on the other — the boots. The younger the child, the more has to be "wrong." The problem child — to find your mistake, and then draw the most to you a riddle. The game develops mindfulness and logical thinking.

My dear, good, guess myself …

If the baby cradles for transport, it is better to play with him in verbal games, which do not need any paint or write. On the road, a very good game go to the unraveling of a variety of puzzles. Here are a few options.

Guess my number

One participant conceives any number. Another is to guess the number, offering different options. "20?" "More!" "45?" "Less". At the same time, and in an oral account potreniruetes.

20 questions

Now zagadannoy any subject. Partner has the right to ask of him only twenty questions — "It's a living or non-living?", "It made a man or nature?" And so on, after which he will have to guess the plan.

What has changed?

Usually the game is played as follows: spread a number of obstacles, toys, pencils, etc. One participant closes his eyes for a moment, and the other at the time rearranges figures places or removes one or two of them. The task of the first player — to find what has changed. So, too, can play.

But the road brings new opportunities for the modification of the game. After all, for a car or train window, everything changes very quickly. One need only look away for a second, and a panorama of the window has to be a little bit different. Who will be able to find more differences?


This game is extremely hazardous and suitable for the most uneven of the company — from eighteen months to karapuzov unworldly students. It will take 2-3 plastic cups and a small object like hair clips, erasers, figures from kinder-surprise, etc. For playing "a shell" handy tray table in plane or train in the back seat of the car.

You must have seen how deftly wielded cups professional "sharps". But their task is not the most plausible, but to call a spade a spade, simply fraudulent. We will develop focus and coordination of movement is an honest way. So, cover glass of a hairpin, move, swap the cups and try to guess where the hidden surprise.

An important point: be sure to let the child to hide himself and the subject. In general, it is better to do it one by one. If your partner is not yet three years old, it is best to use a pair of multi-colored glasses: color helps focus attention.

Road stories

Stories can compose the most incredible. Maybe you do not even suspect what talents narrator conceals you or your child. We need only think of the principle by which to build your stories. For example, as follows:

Unfortunately or fortunately?

  • Fortunately, we took a winding parrot.
  • Unfortunately, he broke down.
  • Fortunately, now be quiet, and you can get some sleep.
  • Unfortunately, from an afternoon nap is insomnia.
  • Fortunately, at night you can walk in the fresh air and see the stars … etc.

My beloved's name on A

This game has been described in the famous "Alice in Wonderland." Choose any letter and compose:

My beloved's name A — Andrew. I love it because it is neat, I am afraid of him, because he is aggressive. I fed him oranges, melons and pineapples, I gave to drink his absinthe (not, perhaps, the better — apricot juice). And he lives in Austria …

Magic Pouch

Magic pouch can replace most conventional sock (preferably large). Place the bag inside the sock-small objects (a coin, small toys, erasers, etc.), and now let the child touch through the fabric will try to determine what he is holding in his hands. This game provides an additional tactile stimulation, which is important not only for the development of speech, but also just to relax on the road.

And you can make a magic bag, and in a different way. In advance, at home, or pick a suitable handbag makeup bag and fold it into every little thing: buttons (required in all shapes and sizes), cutting colored woolen threads, toys from Kinder Surprise, wooden sticks (toothpicks fit, counting kit, matches with a broken sulfur heads) , rags, etc. Young traveler that wealth can take a long time. Especially if you take part in the analysis of treasures. Of threads and patches can upload pictures, buttons can be transformed into a plate for small toys, and can be, and in the sun (especially if its complement-rays of sticks).

After all, you will not have to rush and can in good conscience, to plunge into the wonderful world of children's imagination and cre
ativity. Have a nice trip!

Inessa Smyk

According to the magazine, "My Baby and I"

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