How to have time to become beautiful for the New Year

How do you prepare for the New Year? Brand dorogushchee buy the dress? Plan to cook a lobster sauce, oysters and 10 different kinds of salads? The dress you dress twice a year, after which it will lose its relevance. A lobster and eat all in one day. We offer to invest in their own beauty that will stay with you after the New Year, and will never go out of fashion, in any event. If you are "plowed" the whole year and the result is looking at you from the mirror dark tired eyes, pursing his lips, surrounded by wrinkles and wrinkles, it's time to remember that the world is a good wizards — Beauty therapists. Beautician therapist different from a plastic surgeon that is not eager to put a knife in you, but just make the point injection, but in the most magical, the correct point or offer you a kind of peeling. Two key areas that address on the face of almost everything, it's the eyes and lips. Oval face is also important, as the chin and "Bryl" would negate any tricks makeup. The play of color with the right make-up can be smoothed circles under the eyes or make plumper lips, but an oval face has to be perfect.

So for the New Year, we offer to do the following:

— Make a special Italian peeling, which for 1 procedure will remove all the accumulated annual bumps and pigmentation of the skin.

— Raise eyebrows, so that they in turn lifted the eyelids that at a certain age begin to loom over the eyes. This is done by injecting relax spastic muscles of the eye circular zones, the procedure is fast and painless.

— Fill the natural hyaluronic acid nasolacrimal groove (age failure under the eyes). This procedure — a hit, as it takes a few minutes, but significantly rejuvenates the face, are not rushing with the eye to neighbors and friends.

— Tighten the shape of the face, by relaxing the muscles depressors to face cheek muscles tightened up. This is a very good, effective procedure. It takes time to effect evolved at least 10 days. Therefore to begin to take steps to rejuvenate the New Year should be to her.

— If the shape of the face to pull hard, as his bottom firmly holding the chin, starting with reducing it, filling it with special preparations absorbable zhirok accumulated over the years. This procedure is not single, unlike all previous ones as it requires at least 5 sessions, but not more than 10, can be done through the day and time to achieve the result for holidays.

This program will take you from 1 to 15 days, depending on which set of procedures, you agree to the beautician. It is better to do it in the range from 7 to 20 December to the New Year shine like a star. But you can certainly start and later, while the peak of beauty have on New Year's vacation, staying with you for many months ahead.

Emergency cosmetic care

There is a variant of cosmetic emergency assistance when before the holiday, there is very little, and the soul asks for urgent improvement of the appearance. In this case we always have the support of stabilized hyaluronic acid. It can be 1-2 hours to fill gaps under the eyes, the cheekbones to restore the area to update the lips (like the increase, and without it). A small swelling within a few hours go by and you're happy like a child who has found the New Year under the tree pile of multicolored gifts.

And if you choose that one?

If you have neither the time nor the money, and you can only do one procedure, and quickly, make yourself a new (or well-forgotten old) lips.

For this we need to answer the following questions: what to do with her lips? "Swelling" in the middle? Expand the transverse dimension of the lips? Enlarge bend "bow-tie"? Gently straighten the path from the "purse string" wrinkles without changing the volume?

For those who want to try for the first time correcting the lips, we can offer very comfortable, soothing option. For the first time one can take the softest tracker, which is rapidly absorbed with the primary responsibility — to strengthen the skin. Thus, we can see exactly the same result which after the correction will be more dense trackers, but shorter. Satisfied with the result, it is possible after resorption of soft trackers introduce tighter. Such an option would be good for the fact that the lips will gradually become accustomed to the new form, and you will not feel any discomfort.

In addition, there are little secrets to do "Life" of spies in the lips a long one. For example, to enter on the edge of the upper lip a little Dysport or Kseomina. It is very good for those who have an uncontrollable habit pucker lips into a tube or overly articulate when speaking.

For those who do not is at least something to change in the shape of the lips, nice option lifting corners of lips. In this case the tracker only entered angles lips forming juvenile bend, but without changing their shape.

Do not be afraid to ask for cosmetologists, because most of them love their profession and consider it a perpetual holiday, sharing it with their patients, with whom they communicate over the years have become friends. In any case, in our clinic biome Vita is the case.



There are contraindications.  Should consult a specialist.

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