How to kill the presidential candidates

CIA jackals do not change the style of the "business", even after the exposure of their practices. You know that I had a lot to write about Paraguay, due to the fact that my great-great-grandfather was a national hero in this country. So, of course, with close attention I watch the news from the heart of Latin America.

  • How to kill the presidential candidates
  • How to kill the presidential candidates

Remembering Travel to Paraguay, I can not forget the difference between Russian and American embassies. They say that they display the influence of the sending state.

Our embassy — a three-storey house of 10 m in breadth. No protection. Ambassador at the time had recently passed away, so the whole staff — it acting, Press Officer, the driver and the Honorary Consul of Russia in Paraguay. Everything.

The U.S. embassy — a huge area can be seen only from a distance double perimeter defense under barbed wire, Hummers and machine around all over. Situated next to the palace of President of Paraguay. Once everything is clear.

The sudden news yesterday stirred up the whole world — a candidate for president of Paraguay, "crashed in a helicopter crash." But we know from the book of John Perkins "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man", that’s the way to get rid tsrushnye jackals politicians who refuse to submit to their will … At the end of November 2012 in Paraguay, 70 years after the Chaco War Oil was discovered.

Catch where the wind blows? It all fits.

For starters Information with the latest news, RBC:

"Retired general, the leader of the National Union" Ethical Citizens ", the presidential candidate of Paraguay Lino Oviedo died in a plane crash, occurred late in the evening on February 2 in the north of the country.

The politician was returning by helicopter from Concepcion to Asuncion after the campaign rally, but the vehicle wrecked, According to Huffington Post.

In addition to the policy, the disaster claimed the lives of two bodyguards and a helicopter pilot. According to preliminary data, the cause of the tragedy could be bad weather conditions.

General presidential elections held in Paraguay 21 April 2013. They will be the sixth in the series of national elections since 1989. After the impeachment of President Fernando Lugo as head of state takes the Vice President Federico Franco. The victim L.Ovedo was considered a serious contender for the presidency: he leads the third largest party in Paraguay. "

All anything, but at the end of November in Paraguay, just in the Chaco region, for which my great-grandfather fought, oil was discovered:…ed-for-paraguay-8408.html 

Remember, in politics there are no coincidences.

Remembering that said John Perkins, who worked most of his life in the National Security Agency, under the guise of an agent IMF implements U.S. interests in Latin America:

"However — and this is very important caveat — if we do not cope with its task, it takes a more sinister representatives of the breed, which we, EC, call the jackals. These are people whose origins can be traced directly to earlier empires. Jackals are always there, even though they are not visible in the shadows. But when they come out of the shadows, is the overthrow of the heads of state or they suddenly die in horrible "traffic accidents".
And if it happens, and jackals can not do its job, as happened in Iraq and Afghanistan, then go to the course of the old methods. There, where the jackals failed, sending America’s youth — to kill and die. "

And now is the time to recall the fate of the president of Ecuador, Jaime Roldos who tried to expel the Americans from neftesosuschih in their country:

"In early 1981, the Administration submitted to Congress Roldos Ecuador’s new hydrocarbons law. Embodied in his life, he would have led to the reform of the State’s relations with the oil companies. He was considered revolutionary in many ways, and even radical. Its effects would impact far beyond the borders of Ecuador, in many countries of Latin America and the world.

The reaction of the oil companies was predictable: they used all means. Their public relations specialists did their best to discredit Jaime Roldos and their lobbyists have appeared in Quito and Washington with briefcases full of threats and bribes. They tried to portray the first democratically elected president of Ecuador, another Castro. But this is not intimidated Roldos. His action was to return the exposure of the conspiracy between politicians and oil companies — and religious organizations. He openly accused the Summer Institute of Linguistics in collaboration with the oil companies and decisively — perhaps rashly — LIL ordered to get out of the country.

A few weeks after the submission of the legislative package to Congress and the expulsion of the missionaries LIL predubedil it all working in the country by foreign companies, including oil, that if their actions are not aimed at improving the lives of the people of Ecuador, they will be forced to leave the country. Delivering a keynote speech at the Atahualpa Olympic Stadium in Quito, he went to a small community in southern Ecuador. There he died in a plane crash May 24, 1981 in helicopter crash. "

To the question of why the FSO has been allocated a separate service from us. The Americans have experienced no less than in 2003, as the mining tax was introduced and sent them to each X-dorkovsky.

What is important, the presidential candidate Lino Oviedo was killed in the same way as Jaime Roldos 30 years ago. The tactics of the Americans in the affairs of South America has not changed.

Lino led The National Union of ethnic people since 2002. This party had 16 of the 80 seats in Parliament, and 9 out of 45 seats in the Senate of Paraguay.

The main political line — conservatism and nationalism. Obviously, the Lido has plans to nationalize found neftennyh fields.

They were found in the Chaco, and the helicopter "because of the bad weather" crashed in the same area.

What podvterzhdayut purpose of the party on her official website:

  • The quest for effective and full respect for human rights, the priority of the protection of life, liberty and property of people in the structure of the security guaranteed by the state.
  • Equality before the law for all citizens without exception or privilege.
  • Implementation Paraguayan national sovereignty of the people through various channels suffrage and participation provided by the laws of the Republic.
  • Protection of the dignity of the human person, the value of labor, solidarity and social justice.
  • Coverage of their true value in the policy as a means to search for the common good.
  • To ensure that all citizens share in the cultural, social and economic development of the country, the preservation and development of cultural values.
  • Aspiration a more equitable distribution of wealth;
  • Protection of the environment for the benefit of present and future generations.

Translated through an interpreter, therefore be blots. The main thing — catch sut.Teper party ideology of the statute:

  • Free primary education accessible to all children in Paraguay, education at a technical university youth to facilitate their entry into the labor market. With the infrastructure in accordance with international standards of quality, with a decent view of the salary of teachers professionalization of university teachers, devoted exclusively to education and the promotion of scientific and technological research;
  • Equal opportunities for the poor to have access to social and economic benefits for the achievement of poverty reduction and eradication of Paraguay prices compatriots living below the poverty line;
  • For the young, the first work to encourage and support amateur sport, the Olympic Games in the first place as a mechanism to combat juvenile delinquency, drug abuse, smoking and alcoholism;
  • Validity of equal rights for women and people with disabilities for their full integration into society;
  • The dignity of work, guaranteeing workers a fair wage, pensions expected to freedom of association and the fight against labor exploitation;
  • The full force of public safety, the priority of combating all forms of crime, protection of life and property;
  • Equal access to justice, with a guarantee of full recognition of the rights of all citizens of the Republic;
  • Application transparency and public participation policy, promotion of important posts in the government officials honest and patriotic, the mechanism fight against corruption.
  • Legal certainty for investment and foreign capital, while private investment as the engine of the economy and the basis for the development of the village.
  • Effective free medical care accessible to all Paraguayans, with modern medical facilities.

Again, this machine translation. Catches sut.Po fact Lino Oviedo was going to revive that old Paraguay, which was destroyed in the middle of the XIX century Anglo-Saxons podkabluchnymi Brazil and Argentina:

  • How to kill the presidential candidates
  • How to kill the presidential candidates…yugoslavia-iraq-8514.html 

For which he paid with his life. U.S. influence is too strong in South America, so States seeks to keep it all means available — until the killing of unwanted presidential candidates.

I am absolutely convinced that it was not an "accident", and planned special operation jackals from the CIA to eliminate hostile to the U.S. political leader.

What do you think, dear readers? Broken if the presidential candidates in the plane crash "due to bad weather?"

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