How to look into the future



How to look into the future
18.11.03, the


Vanga Dimitrova,famous Bulgarian prophetess, asked that all of its visitors are sure to bring along a piece of sugar. One Soviet scientist Nikolai Arsenyev, at the request of his friend gave Vanga a sugar cube a man who was so sick that he could not come. Clairvoyant was not surprised, and carefully looking for sugar, said that the man — a young girl. And she can not worry — it does not have cancer. Arsenyev returned to Moscow and went to a friend. He was very happy — she was his daughter. And soon she recovered: a tumor really was not malignant.

Apparently, crystalline substances, in particular sugar, somehow miraculously can "read" and store information about a man she knew and skillfully used Vanga Dimitrova.

   Valery Hokkanen — director of the Moscow Institute of Information and wave technologies — had served in the army and worked in a closed institution. Together with three friends, he made a discovery — made tools and techniques that allow to fix the human bio-energy field. To make this work, did not get the power structures, the scientists have left the army. One friend Hokkanen drunk, another became a taxi driver, and the third was killed under mysterious circumstances. And Valery lucky he met with well-deserved physician Russian Alexei Bessonov, who was working on a similar problem, but with medical and non-technical positions. They founded the Institute of Information and wave technologies. It instrumentation by creating phantom rights and responsibility for the condition are making adjustments to the personal power that can get rid of the existing and prevent future ailments.

   Gerard O'Neill — Professor of High Energy of Princeton University (USA). For the prediction of the human condition in the first half of the XXI century, he applied the method of mathematical modeling — with the help of powerful computers moved into the future the trends of development of science and technology. It turned out that the main source of energy will heat from the sun, people will live in the space community of 10-20 thousand people, and surviving a minor in comparison with the current world population will be avoided direct contacts with completely poisoned planet. Trains at a tremendous rate will move in special tubes are held in flux. The main subject will be the home computer, the main occupation — sports, family will remain, but will consist of several pairs of different races coming together to improve the genetic characteristics of their offspring.




















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