How to make the food to be medicine and medicine — food?

These words of Hippocrates, and they ask in our life today. Well, when there is not now find them relevant? How to reduce to a common denominator desire to be healthy, do not waste time and money to prepare for the purchase of products? I’ll try to answer it. But, first, let everyone who has taken up this article, I will advance in the form of trust. At least for a month — half forward. Exactly as much time will it take for the majority of what would really feel the first significant change, both inside and outside. [Cut]

And will all the seemingly small. To begin with, each "risked" to join, get some sleep in the morning and BOGATYRSKY with delight celebrate myself that not so long ago rested mind and body from the what is called childhood. This dream would be to smooth out all the bad events of the previous day, as river water washes away the bad writing on the sand. Night will be a truly healing. Leave doubts tormented for years about "the chosen way," "place in life", etc. You will see a strong belief in themselves and as a result, will inevitably go up things at work, in business and in personal life. Will improve family relationships.

More — more. Over time, the quality is right, as intuition develops miraculously to such an extent that very few people in this difficult life can you obegorit. An attacker only has to open his mouth, and you already will know that he is going to say or, even worse, do harm. Those lingering neural processes, which until recently were dozing, lulled, heavy, dead food, acquire the necessary speed, drawing from the subconscious that sixth sense that is fully developed in the animals living in the wild. It will be your capital. You will become to use it as often as seeing, hearing or smelling. Is this the reliable protection against all kinds of surprises and troubles that today’s man vainly trying to get from the state?

"My home — my castle." — Speak English, I repeat: "My Castle — well my body." Over time, it will no longer be vulnerable to the disease and turned into a receptacle understandable and useful pulses. And the exterior changes by themselves will be a pleasant surprise. Refreshed without prior wrinkle face would be difficult recognizable to old friends .. You are more likely to make a compliment. But it eventually …. And while some need to reconsider our relationship to food, of course, if we want to, over time, to have all of the above.

Today, there are enough true theories about the proper compatibility, calories, nutrition, etc. How to combine them into one? It will focus on a particular form of power.

Special, rare does not mean it is difficult prepared and etc. Special, so not quite familiar and only …. But this does not mean — not tasty. Borscht, dumplings, fruit compote. The first, second, third … maybe even a fourth and even fifth? It’s all the usual, usual, though, and tasty. Juicy burger, chicken leg, steak, steak with blood, so who knows even that. Ukrainian, any other national cuisine is all wonderful! Such food can easily deliver the taste, and even eidetic visual delight. It can be a wonderful smell, easily swallowed, costly, but it can not be cured. Yes, unfortunately … What do we offer? And why is it a "special" form?

When shooting, the prolonged suspense, I will answer shortly. Special, because it is — a cocktail. Cocktails are usually offered to you, so far, only in the cafeterias, parties, receptions or other places where the benefits of eating baked least. But a cocktail in our understanding, it is something else entirely. For most people, the word "scientific" is in line with the word "boring". So I will not be here for a long time to debate on the topic of calories, minerals and vitamins. Obviously, the drink made from raw fruits or vegetables a really full of them, but it is crucial to other circumstance. What do you think of what is written above the key words? That’s right — "raw". That raw food is the seat of the vital substance, which is the strength to break the disease. In the East it is called Prana. It can not be described by the formula, feel it, touch it, or weigh, however, no doubt that it is our duty to one’s health and that there is more of it where there is less time to just "manage for a while ‘time, or fire. Therefore, in our cocktail is no place for one jam, pickled or, even worse — canned product. Recently bought, just cooked and eaten immediately (read — drunk).

We do not have refrigerators centenarians: food — the stomach, bones — dogs! That’s the motto of the Highlands. And what is worse for you? What causes us to eat at McDonald’s? Time! And it’s hard to disagree. Indeed, on the go — faster, better fed, and may be an hour or two, but not more nutritious and healthier. Following are some times even have to "refuel." Other business — a cocktail! Breakfast or lunch one day, it will not want to eat until the end of the day. And all because of this no visible effect.

Comprehend said, a simple experiment. Try to eat an apple, slowly, chew until it will not have to swallow. It must, how-to dissolve completely in the mouth. Let it will take twice the time. The result you’ll hit. The feeling of energy and strength is guaranteed. Hence, the second rule: not only raw, fresh, but also carefully chopped (chewed). Where are the brackets come from? The fact is that a well-chewed and crushed, in the sense that it usually makes the modern man, not at all the same thing.

And if you are not one, but several apples in good faith chew? For health is not in fact required is minimal, and that’s a certain amount of raw magic of fiber. And how to use it in the right amount? Well, if there’s teeth. And if they are not? And if there is, but not quite healthy, or rather — not healthy? Set on edge is guaranteed! That’s why a cocktail mixer and that’s why! It is for all of you and will do. Or almost all, you will just have to swallow. To swallow the fact that to all the contents of the pharynx have been learned in 10-15 minutes, and all the components would have gone to the addresses, and do not lie in the stomach for hours.

Treated in this way the food will break down almost completely, not forming toxins, as usual. Blood, intercellular fluid, lymph will not clog, therefore, nothing will interfere with the metabolic processes arise in the right direction, strengthening the entire body. Most importantly, the tremendous amount of energy to digest the leaves before the usual junk food, now will be spent on a variety of needs of our body and, above all, to fight the disease.

It is obvious that any treatment against such power will go much faster. And finally, the most important thing, the composition of the drink. So, we put the global challenge to use all the nutrients that are, where possible: on land, in water, at sea, in the earth’s crust and in the air. Now you will see that it is not only possible, but really every single day.

Rinsing mixer, and cut straight from the peel and citrus fruits with pits, they doubled the most rewarding than in the flesh. Put one piece the size of a female finger, all that was on hand in the refrigerator or banana, kiwi, lemon, tangerine, apple with seeds. Be added in the summer of strawberry, raspberry, strawberry, cherry, peach, gooseberry, currant, plum. Fill with fresh, cool yogurt, add cottage cheese, sour cream and honey. And now, with a clear understanding of what kind of tremendous benefit fraught with the components listed below, add the yeast, 5 quail eggs, including one with a shell, and a teaspoon of cinnamon. Cinnamon is not just a spice and a wonderful tonic for the whole body, especially for varicose veins.

Special talk on eggshells. This is the best charlatanical recipe source of calcium, but in this case more manganese, cobalt, nickel, iron, vanadium, and other rare earth elements as quail shells richer composition. The compositions of all the metals present in trace amounts not less than the advertised "Beres Drops." Their quality is not comparable to the above, as created by nature. Content same eggs themselves do not need to advertise special: it tones and strengthens, the best way displays radiation.

When our hunky-mixer will do the trick, we will not have to worry about boring chewing the right amount of time. All content, getting into the stomach, be absorbed within 10-15 minutes, and will not decompose during the day, as usual, taking away all the strength and energy for digestion usual, can be tasty, but, unfortunately, little use. All the energy miraculously be released for new smile and blush.

As always, the foundation — yogurt or better yet, fermented milk products containing useful microflora of "Bifilife." Very tasty sweet cocktails are obtained by Ryazhenka. Everything else on the eye and the taste, there is no clear-cut proportions. Everyone needs to focus on your own taste: where to sweeten (of course, honey), and where and salt the, to the best of course. Sour cream, cottage cheese, honey. From the fruit that it was possible to buy today: oranges, tangerines, lemons, pomegranates, kiwi, banana, grapefruit, apples, and more. This is for the winter. In summer, it is difficult even to list all the things that can be loaded into the mixer. From berries to garden raspberries. For example, a chic cocktail obtained from strawberry yogurt. Fantastic refreshing taste of cherry cocktail. Peach, apricot — are good in their own way. Gooseberries, currants, plums, pears and more to what the soul is.

Add instead of fruit, vegetables, and our cocktail turns into an amazing drink, similar to a hodgepodge giver and coolness, freshness and satiety. Yes, yes! After such a lunch absolutely do not want to eat for the whole day! Another would be because it contains almost the entire periodic table, so the body and does not require anything in addition. Here’s to you and a great tool for weight loss. In addition, the raw food itself is very nutritious. See for yourself.

So, fruits and vegetables — ground, roots — underground, seeds — sunny, but where is the marine components? Seaweed added to the vegetable cocktail, cover with a vengeance, and this deficit. But what about plants? How to get the most valuable of these substances? Add the sweet drink 1 teaspoon of any balm, such as our Ukrainian balm "Vigor" on the 16 herbs. And in the vegetable 1h. spoon conventional dry mustard. What happen? HARMONY!

We all have been weaned from the bitter taste. Sweet, sour, salty — this is, please, and where are the healing of bitterness, which respected Bittner makes millions? Where is the fourth element, which, along with the rest will provide a full range of flavor, and, consequently, balance and healing of many diseases? And why do we need this alpine exotic? Our Slavic plant may well replace it.

Try it. Cocktails can be different in composition. For example, carrot cocktail rapidly normalizes vision, and with beetroot — blood pressure. Garlic — against atherosclerosis, and onion — against ARI. There are not only the mind, but also for. For example, for negligent husbands. Popular wisdom says: Celery for dinner — happy wife, husband! So, do not be quick to write off the reserve muzhichenku of tired, he is not guilty. A better prepare him-ka delicious mix of parsley, parsnip and celery, anyway. And maybe not tonight, but certainly the next — you do not recognize, I’ll guarantee you, dear women!

Our cocktail is not only food, but also a wonderful facial mask. Take a bit of the finished drink, put one drop behind the ear, and if after 5 minutes will not be redness, then the real part is created for you, mind your own making. Each time, a cocktail, and restore the health of the person. As will be drunk the last drop, the mask can be washed off. Why not save time? And the result will not be slow in coming. You will be less tired and old. And do not be surprised that the street will stop to say hello to you, you simply stopped learning.

You soon will love this wonderful drink, and over time it will become the main, if not, then your daily diet. In winter, it will present the internal heat and warm from the most fierce cold, and in summer in the most debilitating heat, and when there is nothing like, nice to cool and become almost the only food — air conditioning. Of course, not prevent, work out in order to get a tasty and healthy at the same time just for you drink. To experiment a bit, add something of their own, but something abolished. Some vegetables or fruit body will be happy, others will resist. Over time, checking all by yourself, you invent your own cocktail party, where there will be no opposition to your stomach product. You can then call it by its name. Cocktail a la …

Ram Panasevich Svirsky,

Director of the Medical Center "Chestnut"

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