How to prevent fungus on your feet?

One of the most striking trends of the modern world is to take care of their health. So every year the number of adherents of a healthy lifestyle, and is becoming increasingly important increase in physical activity. Most adherents of a healthy lifestyle — regular visitors gyms, fitness clubs, swimming pools or spa. There they not only get the necessary exercise, but also relieve the psychological stress that it is important for the residents of the metropolis, in the existing conditions of chronic stress.

However, these public places are inextricably linked in the minds of people with power and health, are fraught with hidden danger of infection of nail fungus. Causative agents of fungal infections are very comfortable feel in moist and warm environment that is characteristic of baths, basins, showers and locker rooms. And when you consider how many people visit them, and that among them there are often carriers of infection, the threat is very real. The more so because it is not everywhere is a must visit a doctor's dermatologist.

To become infected, do not necessarily have direct contact with a sick person fungal infection. Enough to walk barefoot in public places, or use someone else's towel.

What to do if the infection could not be avoided. At the first sign of the disease, as they may be to change the color or texture of skin or nail the feet, you need to see a doctor, a dermatologist. He will appoint treatment, which should be brought to the end, despite its length. Should not be interrupted treatment after the removal of the external signs, because otherwise the problem will come back again and again. Also, not to cure the fungus is the source of infection for the people around him, first of all, family members.

Treatment can improve the comfort of a special varnish Lotseril. When applying nail polish on the nail plate amorolfin its active ingredient penetrates into it and begins his fight against microorganisms. Amorolfine inhibits enzymatic activity of fungal cells and gives its cell wall structure. It is effective against a wide spectrum of pathogenic fungi. Amorolfine therapeutic dose in tissue after a single application of nail varnish Lotseril persists for 7-10 days. Therefore paint can be applied once a week1.

Varnish Lotseril can also be used for prevention, for this it is necessary to put on your nails for a day to visit the "dangerous" places, it help to minimize the risk of infection by the fungus1. Besides treatment with varnish Lotseril has acceptable rates.

Varnish Lotseril destroys fungus nails and provides comfort and efficiency of treatment!

1. Instruction for use of the drug Lotseril.





There are contraindications.  Should consult a specialist.

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