How to put a child to sleep


A guarantee that the child will not have problems with sleep — a parent-child ritual retreat to bed. It may include the adoption of a baby bath, a quiet game, reading one or two stories at night lullaby. Remember that all of these steps must be performed in the same manner and at the same time every evening. Clarity and measured calms the child and sets it to sleep.

Tamara (daughter Natasha 2 years):

Of course, a couple of hours before bedtime to stop all noisy and outdoor games, tune in to a calm, measured rhythm. When my oldest daughter was little, I told her, "Do not make a noise, and then the dream afraid of noise and you will not be able to come." Each family has its own traditions gradually forms the bedtime. Here's a real experience that may take you on board.

Olga (son Alyosha, 2 years):

Before going to bed we watch program "Good night, kids", then feed the fish in the aquarium, wait until they are finishing their own special food (I noticed that watching fish acts on his son very calming), we wish them good night and go to bed.

Lisa (daughter of Xenia, 2.5 years)

At Susie sea of soft toys. And at bedtime it should, brushing teeth over, put them to sleep. And for that stuffed animals are not capricious, it is necessary personal example of their mistress. So proud Ksenia first walks into the bath with the animals under his arm, and then to bed, where all stacks on the perimeter. After that, with a sense of accomplishment goes to sleep by herself.

Irina (son Fyodor, 2 years):

We recently experienced what the crisis two years. This is not a child, but just some Resistance Army. Whatever I suggested one answer: 'Net! "So the word" sleep "I do not even pronounce. Just think out every day some simple game that ends in a crib. Then sit down next to sing a song, and Fyodor falls asleep.

Katia (son Artem, 3 years):

The theme is very fond of music and music stories. I picked up a special recording for children, including to sleep. Music there is very calm, relaxing. Now, before going to bed I put the cassette and leave the night light, because my son does not like the dark. Usually, this kind of music it is easy to fall asleep by himself. Sometimes it helps oil burner with oil of bergamot or rose (only the dosage should be minimal — 1-2 drops).

Sleep time, sleep goby …

And when, in fact, it's time to sleep? The fact is that each child has its own individual rate of sleep and it is distributed between day and night sleep. Here's a simple example. Mom daughter two years once complained that she could not put her to sleep fidget before midnight. A little girl gets up in the morning or the crack of dawn — six hours. However, it turned out that the girl is sleeping during the day at least four or five hours. Reduced daytime sleep — and the little girl began to sleep more at night.

Please note, in the evening there comes a time when the child is obviously feeling tired. It was then that should go to bed. It is important not to miss this moment, because otherwise perevozbudilas baby and then put him to be much more difficult. Typically, fatigue peak falls on the same time. Let it will be a "point of reference" night of sleep.

If you can not get enough of the baby until eleven or twelve o'clock at night, that's some advice.

  • Pay attention to how much the child is asleep during the day, when falling asleep and waking up. It is noticed that if the baby falls asleep in the afternoon after 15 hours, it is difficult to put on a night's sleep before midnight.
  • Try it with your child to get up early in the morning. At first, it will not be easy, but soon you will enter into a new rhythm, and will take it easy.
  • Maybe the kid does not have enough physical activity, it just does not have time to be as tired during the day. Physical inactivity, alas, the bane of not only the adult population. However, increasing the load, try to make it fell on the day.
  • Sound sleep is very conducive to a good, long evening walk.
  • Many children go to sleep helps a warm bath before going to bed. You can add there is literally a drop of aromatic oil from insomnia. Suitable oil of patchouli, ylang-ylang, bergamot, rose, sandalwood.
  • Let cot is intended only for sleeping. If during waking the baby will play in bed, he consolidates the association "bed = a game." And then, at the time of laying, he will not understand why now he is not allowed to play in a familiar place. The cot should be associated only with sleep.
  • Finally, make sure that the baby sleep in a well-ventilated room. The cool fresh air and a warm blanket to a very healthy sleep.

As you can not put down

  • "Department" should not be too harsh. If until recently you were sleeping with the baby in the same bed, try to move it to a separate bed, move up to the parent, and only then — in a separate room.
  • In the early twentieth century in the pedagogical literature the idea that a child who does not wish to fall asleep on their own, it is necessary to "give yelled" and then he finally falls asleep. Fall asleep, then he may fall asleep, but not because it calmed down, but because it has the bitterness of despair and hopelessness are not just strength left to weep. Listen to the voice of the mother's heart! Most often it happens to be right. If a young man asks to pick him up or lay with him in your bed, it does so only in order to feel that my mother is not gone forever, and the next she loves him.
  • Sleep — it is not the state in which you can enter the child's stringent shout, "Oh, Come to bed now! Who said! ". Even if the kid is scared shut up after these words, they are clearly not calm help.
  • Do not frighten the child such seemingly innocuous "horror stories": "Go to sleep soon, and that will come Babai (policeman uncle with a bag, a witch, etc.) and take you" or "I do not need such a crybaby that does not sleep . " Imagine for a moment that at the very moment when you're scared and lonely and are looking for support from her husband, he will answer you, 'I do not need a wife who whines all the time. " And because children's psyche is much sensitive and softer than an adult. Similar phrases can only exacerbate the problem of night terrors.
  • Recently, in the West have become very popular "mechanical nannies." They appear in our stores. This may be, for example, a teddy bear with integrated recorder. Mishka performs lullaby while being capable of even mimic human breath. Sponsored instructions claim: "Thanks to this toy in front of you is no longer standing problem placing the child." Of course, a tempting prospect, but psychologists warn that parental warmth is not necessary to replace the artificial imitations!

Inessa SMYK

According to the magazine "Lisa. My Baby "

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