How to recognize a miscarriage?

How to recognize a miscarriage?  Photo from

Miscarriage — a spontaneous abortion for up to 22 weeks. This phenomenon is not so rare. Furthermore, not always woman unaware that she was pregnant and she had a miscarriage.Just a month come with a delay, and are more abundant, and sometimes painful. According to statistics, the incidence of spontaneous abortions up to 15% of all pregnancies are desired.

At the threat of miscarriage women may be slack dragging pain in the abdomen, sometimes there are spotting. If this happens, it's time to sound the alarm: it is possible, the process of rejection of the fetus has already begun. At this stage pregnancy can still be saved, if the time to seek professional help.

Strong frequent cramping abdominal pain, profuse bleeding suggests that already suffered a miscarriage, and the uterus gets rid of the fetus. In this case, the primary task — to save lives and preserve the health of women. Urgent dial "03". The sooner you stop the bleeding and blood loss made up for the better.

Missed abortion occurs when fruit onsome reason ceases to grow and dies. It runs quietly, without pain, contractions and bleeding. Rejection of the fetus does not, along with flaking placenta, it remains in the uterus. The woman in this case must first be alerted prolonged absence of fetal movements, which she already felt before. In such a situation it is important to keep track of this moment in time and remove the dead fetus.

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