How to remove belly fat after giving birth?

How to remove belly fat after giving birth?  Photo from

In addition to the joys of motherhood after giving birth a woman often lies in wait and, most importantly disorder — a very noticeable belly, which oddly retracts does not disappear, and the waist is not the same. From this a bad mood and lowered self-esteem. So how do you make a flat stomach?

Features of female body

Many women dream of the perfect tie a flat stomach with a total weight loss. And even begin their journey to the ideal, practicing all sorts of methods for the regulation of body weight. Kilograms are gradually reduced weight and already seems to be correct, but the figure still remains imperfect — becomes a flat stomach and thin waist. There are legitimate questions: what is that, and how to proceed?

The fact is that even with a normal weight body fat can be distributed unevenly. So, some lean on the kind of woman have a considerable layer of fat on the abdomen, buttocks and thighs. That is why it is important for a good figure is not so much weight for height as the value of fat.

The normal rate for healthy women are considered 23-24% Fat, wherein 10-12% It accumulates in the breast, buttocks, inner thighs (trained athletes typically have only 10-15% Fat).

It is believed that the adult female difficult to measure less than 17%, furthermore, a reduction in body fat content below 13% may significantly harm the health.

During pregnancy, as a result of hormonal changes the body fat layer increases. It must protect the fetus from external influences. This is especially true stomach, so after delivery, in addition to the stretched muscles, which will eventually have to come back to normal, and the fatty layer remains on the stomach. Because of He stands, looks uneven and ugly.

What can you do in this situation? It is necessary to reduce the percentage of body fat, while increasing the strength of the abdominal muscles, giving them the desired shape.

Working with the abdominal muscles

Form depends on the thickness of abdominal fat layer and state of the abdominal muscles. The norm is a condition where the abdominal wall bulges out quite a bit, and the abdomen is flat. The weakness of this group of muscles leads to the formation of bulging or pendulous abdomen. Increase their exercise to help tone for the study of the abdominal muscles, which are divided into four types:

  • Footwork at the motionless body — raising and lowering, bending and straightening, cross, circular motion, etc. These movements strengthen the lower part of the abdominal muscles.
  • Work still in the trunk legs — lifting, lowering, turning torso, etc. In this way strengthens the upper section of the abdominal muscles.
  • Simultaneous operation of the torso and legs — in motion, as a rule, included most of the abdominal muscles.
  • Cross work torso and legs. Load to give the obliques, which form lateral muscle wall of the abdomen.

By doing exercises, you need to remember that the abdominal muscles on one side attached to the lower edges of the ribs and the other — to the pelvis. Therefore, raising the legs must be lifted and pelvis. When the complexes lying on your back and lifting your knees to your stomach, do not be lazy to take your pelvis off the floor, bringing his knees to his forehead.

In the vise on the bar or the wall bars also need to pull your knees to your chest, lifting your pelvis.

When can I start to do after giving birth?

It is worth to pay attention to women that start doing strengthening the abdominal muscles after vaginal delivery is possible only through 6-8 weeks after cesarean section — a 2-25 months. For loads more on his stomach on the early stages you can expect serious trouble: dehiscence (eg after a caesarean section or after stitching the perineum during her break), increased intra-abdominal pressure and prolapse of the vaginal walls. So do not rush with exercise, and during the recovery period, pay attention to diet, the deletion of the special high-calorie foods. But do not follow a strict diet — nursing mother is contraindicated, because the shortage of nutrients directly affect the quality of milk and health. It is better to comply with all known reasonable limitations on the sweet, fatty and fried.

Exercises for a flat stomach

So you've recovered from the birth and are ready to form a flat stomach. How and where better to do? To work on your own body no uniform rules and guidelines. There are various ways from which you must choose the best for you, or combine several methods.


The purpose of shaping — improving the shape with exercise, to borrow the best from the athletic aerobics and gymnastics. Fans of such studies are often referred to as the sculptors of his body. In this comparison, accurately captured the essence of training — to target different muscle groups, so in addition to strengthening abdominal muscles of the back, arms and legs.

Classes are held in the shaping of sports clubs, where groups are recruited for training at different times under the guidance of an instructor.

For a young mother that option has its pros and cons. On the one hand, the regular classes at the club will allow it to at least 2 times a week 40-50 minutes watching her figure. On the other hand, the same lack of time and various unforeseen circumstances may prevent regularly attend these workouts, so maybe you would be preferable to the other option.

Home exercise program

There are specially designed complex of simple exercises, doing that it is possible to achieve good results, in particular, that the stomach was flat. At the same time performing any exercise, you must firmly know what, why and how. So we offer a few suggestions:

  • Before you perform a set of exercises, do a little workout. This may be jumping rope, dancing, etc.
  • Do not use weights. They form the bulk muscle, and press the volume is unlikely to be your goal.
  • During exercise the press keep in constant tension. Closely monitor equipment performance. The result will be better if done properly exercise 20 times, 50 times, but carelessly.
  • Train hard. Some trainers recommend to spare himself, saying that you can do half-heartedly. Of course, you can, if you train for fun, but if you want to get results, then you need to give all the best.

If you've never practiced or beginning your training after a long break, begin to engage in gradually, with one approach (the recommended amount of time, which should make exercise without a break), and gradually bring it to four.

Watch for breathing! On the exhale, strain your abdominal muscles and as deeply inhaled the front wall of the abdomen, at the same time relaxing the edges so that they fell down. When breathe in, try not to relax the abdominal muscles. The abdominal wall should remain retracted. Abdomen swells mainly in the sides and top.

Press need to train at least three times per week with a maximum — every day.

Experience has shown that the best method of training the press — is a giant set, when some exercises are done one after the other, without stopping. After each set, the giant you can relax for one minute. Exercise should be done at a fast pace and with the maximum number of repetitions. At the end of the "marathon" press should just burn. But the giant Seto have to come gradually, gradually increasing the intensity of training.

When you exercise must constantly focus on their feelings on the state of abdominal muscles which have to strain.

Do not eat for 1 hour before and after exercise.

Before performing the exercises to do stretching of muscles:

  • Stretching 1. Breathe — the most rounded belly. Exhale — front wall of the stomach moves to the spine. Hold this position for a few seconds. Make 4-5 approaches 10.< /li>
  • Stretching 2. Lie on your stomach. Maximum cave in back and lock yourself in that position for a few seconds. Make 4 to 5 sets of 10 times.

Now you can start to exercise.

Exercise 1 

Starting position: feet together. Squatting, pull back hard buttocks, tilt the body and put your hands in the middle of the thigh. Breathe in and round belly, puffing out his "scoop."

Straightening, put your hands up and spread their Latin letter V. At It should be possible to straighten your back, exhale and pull the stomach. This so-called "belly breathing." On the exhale, draw in the front wall of the abdomen.

Then slowly breathe in through your nose, relaxing the diaphragm. Belly bulges forward. The lower part of the abdomen is filled with air.

Exhale — front abdominal wall as drawn inward, forcing the air out through the nose.

When abdominal breathing, only the lower part of the lungs filled with air and performs belly undulation. Chest thus remains stationary. Run 16 times.

Attention! Do not pull off the heel off the floor and be sure to watch your breath!

When performing this exercise to feel the movement of the front wall of the abdomen to the spine during breathing, which is the main point of this exercise.

Exercise 2 

Starting position: lying on his back, his hands clasped behind his head.

On the exhale, lift the blade and bend the legs, pulling up her knees to her chest, and the heel to the buttocks. Be sure to draw the stomach.

Then, legs apart — straighten your left, but keep the weight on, and pull the right knee to the opposite elbow. When changing the semicircle legs, take a short breath, but Again, Concentrate on the exhale and touched his elbow knee.

The exercise is performed as long as enough strength.

Exercise 3 

Starting position: Lie on your side, legs slightly bent. Shoulder, located on the floor, put a little ahead of myself.

If you lie on your left side, a little "twist" the body around its own axis to the right. At "one" — stretch his arms to the soles of his feet, tearing off with his knees and shoulder. Hold the pose for 30 seconds to a minute.

Then make a banner for the oblique abdominal muscles forming the side wall of the abdomen by throwing knees to one side, and hands — in another, tightening, so the body in the opposite direction.

Repeat the entire sequence of exercises in the home position lying on his right side.

Exercise 4 

Starting position: lying on his back, legs slightly bent and placed shoulder-width apart. Hands — along the body, lower back pressed to the floor.

On the exhale as much as possible gather in the stomach and pelvis maximum lift towards the ceiling. Having reached the highest point of the hold the pose for 30 seconds.

Connect to work and oblique muscles for 15 seconds, then straighten one leg, then the other.

In carrying out these movements, try to eliminate the most work buttocks.

Exercise 5

Starting position: Lie on your back, pull your knees to your chest. Arms out to the side, palms lightly against the floor.

At "one" little lift buttocks and hips move to the side, keeping the knees together. Do not lower your knees to the floor! Breathe evenly and do not release your shoulders off the floor.

Return to the starting position and repeat the exercise in the other direction.

Exercise 6 

Starting position: lying on his back, hands behind head, legs bent, feet flat on the floor.

Stretch forth your hands, lift your shoulders off the floor. Inhaling is done in the prone position, exhale — sitting. You can complicate this exercise, lingering in that position.

The fundamental error in this exercise is the tension of the neck muscles instead of the abdominal muscles, so try not to move your head back and forth.

Exercise 7 

Starting position: lying on his back, hands are placed along the trunk, legs raised and bent at the knees (or straightened up like a more complex version).

Lift your pelvis as if you are going to make a stand on the blades, but not high. Hands thus remain on the floor, but must rely on them as possible.

The fundamental error is podmahivanii legs to create momentum. It is necessary to raise the pelvis only due to the abdominal muscles.

Exercise 8

Performed on a bed or couch.

Starting position: Sit on the edge of the bed, then lie on your back, arms — for a head. Bent knees to her stomach tighten.

Then straighten your legs to the body stretched into a string. Then pull the leg. Knees can be cultivated.

This exercise is working the bottom of the press.

Invisible training

In addition to these methods of active struggle for a flat shape their own belly, do not forget about him, and in the daily hustle and bustle, on vacation, where you can also imperceptibly, but very effective to train once again to the abdominal muscles.

  • For example, standing in transport, in turn, walking with a child, do not forget to make regular and invisible abdominal exercises — pull in and relax the abdominal wall. Relax on the breath, and exhale, draw on, trying not to knock the breath.
  • In the shower, rub the belly every day with cold water using a detachable shower head — from the right side (at the waist) to the left and vice versa. Then, in a circular motion clockwise.
  • While swimming in the sea, river, lake or swimming pool, take a few minutes of your stomach, massaging his movement of the water. To do this, hook the palm of your hand horizontally and drive them down — up to a distance of approximately 3-4 cm from the abdomen. In this case, you should feel some sort of a strong wave for the stomach. To do this exercise you need as long as possible, until they get tired hands.
  • In the pool, holding hands and leaning against a side straight back to the pool wall, alternately lift to the chest, bending the knee, first one and then the other leg and then sharply to the end straighten.

Try to live with retracted abdomen. First, for such a state will have to constantly monitor, but then it becomes a habit.

When the results will be noticeable?

If used as recommended in 1,5-2 months of the abdominal muscles get stronger and will have good to keep the abdominal wall. The work on the abdominal muscles but will give you a flat stomach and graceful slender waist, for which largely correspond to the same muscles.

But this does not mean that now you can forget about them. Only regular exercise will help to support the preserve and improve the results. Remember that flat tummy — it's a lifestyle, not a one-time event that will provide it to you for a lifetime.

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