How to self-assess whether you are in control of asthma?

In accordance with current guidelines, the goal of asthma therapy is to achieve and maintain long-term control of the disease. With proper treatment, many asthmatics may not just improve your condition, and completely free of symptoms and signs of asthma. Of course, this is possible if carried out regular basic therapy. Achieving and maintaining asthma control for a long time — actually, more than that, almost every asthmatic can improve your control the disease.

In order to evaluate whether you achieved asthma control test can be used to control asthma (ACT). In Russia test approved by leading experts: Russian Respiratory Society, the Union of pediatricians of Russia, the Russian Association of Allergology and Clinical Immunology. Test designed for regular assessment and will help you to understand there is a need to consult a specialist and change therapy. There is an adult (12 years) and children's version of the test (from 4 to 11 years).

Check how controlled asthma, Anybody can have to answer the five simple questions to test and calculate the final point. Maximum result (25 points) means that you have achieved your goals and your asthma under control. Report it by my doctor and he will most likely continue to recommend the treatment assigned to maintain the achieved results and regularly take the test for the control of asthma (AST). If the test result is low (less than 20 points), this indicates a lack of control over the disease. In such a case, without delay, consult your doctor and discuss with him how to improve treatment. If the result is between 20 and 24 points to talk with the doctor also does not hurt, because now you know you can achieve even better control of asthma!

Despite its simplicity, this test proved to be a reliable method, the results of which are consistent with the assessment of experts, pulmonologists and spirometry data. An important advantage of the test is that it can be used to assess how your condition varies under the influence of the therapy.

How to self-assess whether you are in control of asthma?


The test for the control of asthma (AST) available to everyone. You can get it on the site Check yourself, take care of their own well-being and health of those who are dear to you. Do not leave your chance to asthma to limit your life!

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The information can not be considered as guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment, and can not serve as a basis for self-selection of therapeutic approaches. If you have any questions, please consult your doctor.

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