How to soothe a crying baby?

How to soothe a crying baby?

"What child would have anything he wants — he does not cry" — parents think, inventing means to take a crying baby, so it does not interfere with them about their business. However, folk wisdom that gave birth to this proverb, is different: the child does not have to cry. Is this possible? In theory, yes.

Lament — the only way to tell the mother of a newborn that he is bad. A healthy baby is well maintained cry, if you removed all of the possible causes of his discomfort:

  • the need for physical contact with the mother — the desire take breasts satisfy the sucking reflex;
  • desire that it shook;
  • the desire to sleep, feeling tired;
  • the need to empty the bowel or bladder;
  • feeling cold;
  • malaise;
  • increased sensitivity of the skin;
  • anxiety or fear, frustration contact with the mother or the environment;
  • response to geomagnetic or atmospheric phenomena, phases of the moon.

Tips on what to do to advance to provide the child with all necessary and save him from having to overstrain the vocal cords, and themselves — from the continuous nervous stress, there is a great variety. However, most of them are caused, at best, a tired parent's annoyance, at worst — the conviction "With him (with a baby), you can do whatever you want — it will not break!". It is therefore proposed: do not approach it, shout, slap, throw cold water, drop ceiling or hold upside down — and only as a last attempt to finally identify and correct the cause of crying.

So that we can recommend to parents who were poised to make a child happy? Since the main reasons why your baby could break out in tears, we have already identified, then the only thing that is required from you now — a "walk" on all listed items maximum program. 

First of all, it should be take baby up and give chest. If the child does not calm down or refuses to take chest— To find out the cause of crying. For example, to change the baby diaper if He went in large or in a little. Or try a shake and put to bed, after checking diapers and baby's skin. Baby can respond to stimulation of the mother or the general unfriendly atmosphere in the family. Mother and others need to calm down and possibly eliminate the source of irritation.

These measures do not produce results? In this case, the baby is likely to feel unwell — and then you have to call a doctor. In anticipation of specialists carry the baby in her arms, often push the breasts, change diapers and keep the skin — these measures in any case improve the condition of the baby.

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