How to teach a child to his crib

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If initially the child was sleeping with parents, it is important that the three years he has moved into her bed.

How is it do?

First, choose the right time, it is advisable to do this before the child's third birthday. After three years of co-sleeping with his mother, the boy or the girl's father is fraught with difficulties in the formation of sexual child. Of course, each child there is their individual characteristics, but psychologists believe that weaning from the parent bed is best in a crisis age, that is,year-and a half, two and three years.

During the crisis, the kid wants to show their independence and adulthood. You can, for example, say: "Little children sleep with his mother. You now become quite large, and you have your own bed (like his older brother, a friend, etc.). "

Try to make the bed as comfortable and enjoyable Hang nochnichok near the crib, put her favorite toys and maybe the kid himself, proud and important, will want to get some sleep, "as an adult."

Ifsamebaby categorically does not want to sleep alone, try to understand what is happening to him. Perhaps it is due to family problems and unconsciously kid feels a threat. He often refuses to sleep alone if one parent leaves the house. Sometimes he falls asleep peacefully in her arms, but as soon as you try to put him to bed, instantly wakes up and starts crying. In this case, try to put him to bed until he falls asleep. Sit next to the child, pat him on the back, make a light soothing massage, sing a song. Then Cot will not be a symbol of separation from the baby's mother.

You can find a compromise. For example, a. In the evening, the baby is placed to sleep in a crib, and at night, if this is necessary (he cries, he can not sleep in his crib), it can be taken to him.

Develop a certain ritual of preparation for bed. Children are known to be the world's largest conservatives, and when everything goes according to routine routine, it is easier to accept the rules.

For a couple of hours before bedtime romps all the stops to baby not perevozbudilsya. Teach him to the fact that every night at the same time he bathes (taking a shower or bubble bath), drinking milk at night, listening to her mother's story (and, perhaps, remembers passing day), and falls asleep.

Inessa Smyk

According materilov magazine "Aistenok"

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