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For competent and effective hair care is important to determine your hair type, since otherwise there is the risk of worsening their condition. The hair is divided into normal, dry, oily and mixed. Hair normal type well reflect light shimmer in the sun. If your hair elastic, almost whipped, easy to fit and comb have a live view and retain these qualities for a few days after shampooing, then you are competent and properly care for them with suitable means to you and your hair healthy.

Unfortunately, the hair without problems are rare. Greasy hair have a characteristic dull luster, after a short time after washing stick together and start to look dirty, unkempt. Fat content of the hair depends on the activity of the sebaceous glands of the scalp, which in turn is a very individual and laid genetically. Insome raising the amount of sebum produced depends on the type and quantity of food ingested carbohydrates (primarily) and fats.

Dry hair not reflect the light, so that they look dull non-gloss. They are easily torn, confused, difficult to comb, whipped at the ends. Often, dry hair — is the result of improper care, rather than a consequence of the reduced activity of the sebaceous glands.

Hair mixed — Is typically long hair — fatty the roots and dry ends due to the fact that they are insufficiently lubricated with grease throughout. The ends of this type of hair without getting the required lubrication, often flogged. They need a combined care through a variety of special tools and modified diet.

Hair Care

That also includes the right hair care? Of the full range of hair care treatments wash is the most important component because intended as a hygienic and cosmetic purpose. For healthy hair, damaged or depleted, correct and timely washing — minimally adequate care procedure.

The question of the frequency of washing solved purely individual, from daily washing of hair to 1 times8-10 days. The rule here is one thing — you need to wash your hair as often as you need it. For those who daily use hair styling products (gels, mousses, paints), it is recommended to wash your hair every day because these funds are heavier hair that has a bad effect on their quality. For daily cleaning, use a soft shampoo specifically designed for this purpose.

Do not wash your hair too hot or too cold water: the optimal water temperature 35-45C. The fatter the hair, the cooler should be water. Furthermore, should not be applied shampoo on dry hair: you first need to wet the hair with water, then pouring a little bit of shampoo in the palm, rub it slowly and gently rub into the scalp and hair wash only formed foam, being careful not to rub them hard against each other, so as not to damage the stem and the hair cuticle. Lather hair should be at least doubled due to the fact that the first soaping with hair removed only part of the dust, dirt and sebum, and the therapeutic effect of shampoo comes only when it is applied to the secondary. Do not forget that after the use of shampoo and other hair tools should be thoroughly rinsed with water, not allowing to remain on the surface elements of detergents.

It is believed that the hair well combed before washing, combing and will be better after. Recommended short hair comb from the roots, and long — with the ends, gradually working your way to the roots. Wet hair is better not to comb, and if it is necessary, not metal combs, and plastic or wood. The best natural drying is the drying of hair, sometimes with the use of warm towels. Use a hair dryer is often not recommended, but if your hair needs styling hair dryer, it should be possible to use cold drying mode, holding the hair dryer at least 40 inches from the head.

Cosmetics for hair washing

Now the main thing — how to choose the right tool for washing hair. First, why for this purpose is strictly not suitable soap: it completely destroys the protective water-lipid emulsion film as a hair, and scalp. Wash your hair after this become excessively dry, damaged, worse comb, become more dull. In order not to cause such damage to the hair and wherein yet wash them from the accumulated fat, dust, otshelushivshihsya cells, and there Shampoos: They are slightly acidic, natural for our skin and hair, and are much milder than soap.

To select the shampoo use a simple principle: carefully read the text on the package and use the shampoo that is designed for your hair type, and then start using the analyze results. The positive results from the use of shampoo can be considered clean hair, their lack of fat, shiny hair after drying, good disentangling and obedience, the lack of stimulation of the scalp. To understand what this shampoo does not suit you, it is enough a double- application, but in order to come to the conclusion that this shampoo is just for you — you should regularly use it for at least a few weeks. Also, a good shampoo should remove static electricity fromhair, and most importantly — to compensate for protein, moisture and nutrients. The assertion that the shampoo from time to time must be changed — Myth: If you found your shampoo that you're happy, change it to another is only in the event of changes in the state of your hair.

After using the shampoo recommended to the hair conditioner. It performs several functions: facilitate drying and combing, gives the hair elasticity. It is better to use a shampoo and conditioner brands — they correspond to each other in composition, and the action of rinse aid as efficiently as possible to complement the action of shampoo. The combination of shampoo and rinse different lines does not make use of the hair and in some cases may even lead to allergic reactions. Often found in shampoo conditioner 2 in 1, but it's a "mobile" version: use a separate rinse aid more effective.

To repair damaged hair are special means for rapid treatment — They are "smooth" hair have a regenerating and nourishing effect on the hair follicle and are designed for quick and easy restoration action.

For a longer, fuller and deeper therapeutic effect, there Mask— They are applied to the hair on15-20 minute 1-2 times per week.

It is important to understand that hair care, as well as care of any other part of the body — it's a life lesson. You can not make love to a hair month or two, and then forget about it, hoping that they now until the end of life will be healthy. Be consistent and do not leave your hair without a care.

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