Hundreds of settlements in Siberia provided broadband Internet access


The company "Rostelekom" announced the results of its work in the countryside. It is about providing communication services to small communities.

In particular, the 3638 telephone exchanges in rural areas of Siberia, more than 2,300 are replaced by electronic ones. This means more than the 64-percent level of digitalization. The volume of the company’s investment in the development of traditional telephone services in rural areas in 2011, more than double the investment in 2010.
Fiber-optic lines in Siberia Rostelecom builds on the national DWDM-equipment "Switch" produced by NTO "IRE-Polus» official representative of "T8» http:// for information, thanks to the user Sadalin

Since 2011 the company has provided broadband Internet access using xDSL technology more than 230 villages, towns and villages of the Siberian Federal District. The technology lets you listen to radio online, watch videos, not to mention downloading games. In the Novosibirsk region so connected to the Internet 59 settlements in the Kemerovo region — 61, in the Altai region — also 61. In addition, in 35 localities company has provided access to interactive digital television.

Macro-regional branch of the "Siberia" of "Rostelekom" occupies more than 34% of the total market, with the markets of traditional local fixed telephony services and intra-communication — 82% and 96% of the market respectively, and 66% of the market access services to the Internet and data transmission .

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