Hunting season for UFO



Hunting season for UFO
20.11.03, the


    The messenger advanced civilization Alpha Centauri with a head as a helmet — so it looks like a strange creature on archival film. It was discovered in 1996 in the small village of Kaolin Chelyabinsk region.
Local newspapers publish photos of another strange, in their view, the individual. Japanese producer of "TV Asahi" Diguchi Masao offered 200 thousand dollars to anyone who would sell him a mummy 21 centimeters in length. "If we had not had this dwarf, it should have been invented" — the newspaper writes. Journalists "Asahi" recently came to town to shoot a documentary about Kyshtym dwarf.
However, to say something intelligible to the Japanese were never able to. Tamara Prosfirina, which allegedly found in the woods and called him a stranger Alexis, came to a psychiatric hospital and then died under mysterious circumstances. In the video, leaving only fragments of her stories. Woman confusingly explains that discovered the stranger in the woods during a thunderstorm.
Precise data on the location of the now what some call a humanoid, others — mummified embryo, no. New materials journalists are the result of artistic treatments of old details and often overgrown with new details. In particular, journalists have reported that a mysterious creature lived in a woman about a month and fed exclusively yogurt and caramel.
In Yekaterinburg already heated debate about whether to give mummy "alien" to foreigners. Leading forensic experts of the Urals, who examined the remains of the king, said today that, in any case, this "something" must be investigated first, and only then to give or not to give the Japanese. "As soon as it is found in the territory of Russia, perhaps it is Russia belongs. Another thing is that nothing in science should not be silenced and should be made public. Oh, and besides, if we talk again about an alien theory, it will be shown how in some way, it is the heritage of humanity, "- said the expert Vladimir Kropotov.
The pursuit of "the stranger" is already connected and the Urals customs. They said they would not be allowed to smuggle mummy abroad. If necessary, the orientation will dispatch to all customs posts. Most sane people in the Urals agree that customs officers are a victim of the advertising campaign of Japanese TV crews.
Specialists of the Institute of Anthropology to the case with the "alien" Alexis are quite skeptical. As stated by the head of the Laboratory of anthropological reconstruction Tatiana Balueva, it is possible that Alexis — it's quite small, unborn child. "The hands, feet, head completely human form, though, the skull has not yet been formed. Maybe this was a child with the disease — Oligophrenic other serious pathology. Rather, it is a human being," — said Balueva.






















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