Hurricane Katrina one learned nothing

September 8, 2013. Since the "attack" on the U.S. hurricane "Katrina" was held for eight years. Each state was required to develop a set of plans for the protection of children from natural disasters. Four basic plan for actions authorities to evacuate children, the protection of schools and kindergartens. However, many states have not got the necessary set of documents.

Among the laggards named the 29 states. According to officials of the National Commission, which initiated the development of plans for each state, the lack of documents could endanger the lives of children, and hamper their reunification with their families in the event of an emergency.

Activist "Save the Children" Carolyn Miles said: "Natural disasters should be a lesson for the authorities, but many states have not budged. Can you imagine what the — clock care for 68 million children separated from their parents? We are obliged to take all measures to protect children, to prepare for the subsequent disaster. "

Source: Meteovesti

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