Hurricane Nadine goes to the Azores

Nadine hurricane heads for Azores Weather and Climate

In the eastern Atlantic, is expected next, the eighth hurricane of the season. At the time of his eye is formed over the Azores. Meteorologists are very surprised, because in 2012, the year it will be the second such storm in the same place, which contradicts the statistics.

Experts that monitor the state of Nadine, note that the system has reduced its activity to the level of a tropical storm and will maintain a minimum hurricane status until the middle of the week, despite the fact that the wind speed may slightly fall. The strength of the wind in the upper layers remain, and the highest weight Nadine will move to the eastern part of the center of low pressure. Even if a hurricane lose tropical characteristics, the local people in a fairly wide area will be under the influence of powerful rainstorms, storm winds and high waves.

Center of the system has the following coordinates 31,4 ° N; 38,1 ° W. Found that Nadine has east-north-east direction, speeds do not exceed 30 km / h When moving to the northeast Nadine can reset the speed.

The maximum wind speed in the system is 110 km / h, gusts could reach even higher speeds. Wherein said power extends to 295 km from the center of Nadine. The maximum value of the internal pressure reaches 987 mbar.

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