Hurricane Paul go past Mexico

Hurricane Paul will not pass by Mexico's Danger Zone

The hurricane has formed in the eastern Pacific Ocean and is going to bring a huge portion of precipitation on the peninsula of Baja California, which is a part of Mexico. For some time the hurricane stayed on the third category of risk, and then his strength has decreased to Category 2 under the influence of cold ocean water and wind. Wind speed in a hurricane reaches 195 km / h

Showers and wind will have time to touch the ground of the peninsula before the hurricane will come back into the sea in the north-west. Eye of the storm will be just over the northern part of the state of Baja California. By the time the category of danger can be reduced to one level, then Paul will be a strong tropical storm.

In addition to showers particular threat to the peninsula will be a flash flood and landslides in the mountains, as certain areas of land may receive up to 200 mm of precipitation. Possible strengthening of sea currents. However, the area of high atmospheric pressure will not allow the hurricane to stay permanently, and move further to the north-east. Therefore, in the territory belonging to the United States, will not feel the influence of Paul.
Authorized organizations already hard watching what is happening and are ready for evacuation or emergency restoration of electricity and water supply. The section from Santa Fe to Puerto San Andresito declared a storm warning.

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