Hurricane Sandy: results

Hurricane Sandy: results of Natural Disasters

Authorized services try to summarize and calculate the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy. It was learned from the disaster that killed 98 people, more than 5.6 million families and households were without electricity. Each eastern state long remember what happened in the end of October a natural disaster.

Destroyed many houses, located in the delta of the Long Island Sound, in the number of people killed 3 people were left without electricity for 378,000 people.
Part of the south coast is still under water, but the people are happy that the damage is not as serious as expected. The state revoked the state of emergency and closed asylum. There is no electricity in 1700 homes.
In the mountains of Apalachee fell about 30 cm of snow.

Despite the fact that the Port of Portland working again, the situation in the ocean is still dangerous, as the wind kept his strength and speed. Included in the normal rhythm of the railroad Amtrak Daunister. In the area of 90 thousand households lacked electricity in 3500.
East State almost recovered from the recent storm, while in the western part fell about 47 mm of snow. Rescue teams are working at full stretch. Three people were killed in 33 600 homes have no electricity.
The state continues to clear roads and yards of fallen trees and debris of collapsed buildings. Many schools still do not work. Problems with power recovery have 46,000 homes.

Finally resumed movement of cargo vessels on the Great Lakes. The movement was banned due to the appearance of waves up to 5 meters. 35,000 homes remain without electricity.
Some schools and day care centers have not started to work after the hurricane. The festivities at the All Saints' Day beat postponed to Sunday 4 November. In the state, one person died. Electricity is still there in 40 000 households.
The staff will be able to celebrate Halloween until Monday 5 November. Seemingly extinguished fires that occurred during the storm on the coast, again took to burn from contact with natural gas. This caused the evacuation of the population of Hoboken. The administration is in talks regarding the need to return to work to strengthen the coastline and installation of artificial dunes on the shore. In the state of 14 people were killed, 2.1 million people suffer from deprivation, being without electricity.

The city and the state starts to revive traffic on the roads, people are trying to return to their homes and get to work. Metro is not yet able to work at full throttle. School will be closed all the current week. Two of the three major airports attempt to recover its activity, but the number of flights will be limited, as the movement of rail transport, as the electricity supply on the island. Logn Island is not always restored. The staff there were 30 people, 22 of them in New York. Without electricity are 1.9 million homes.
Searches for the captain of one vessel that sank during a hurricane Sandy movement to the north. In some places on the west state was snowing. The death toll of 2 people.
Upstate winds uprooted many trees. The schools have not resumed classes. Remain flooded main transport route around the lake. Erie. Killed two residents of the state, in 160 million homes have no electricity.
As the eye of the hurricane was moving in the direction of western Pennsylvania to western New York, the destruction in the state are enormous. Wind and flooding led to the failure of dozens of roads and to the death of an 11-person, as well as to the lack of electricity in 612,000 homes.
Rhode Island
Residents of some parts of the coast of still not allowed to return home, the ban will work another day because of the lack of electricity and neproezzhabelnosti roads. But the staff slowly comes to life, to open some schools, but not all are ready to resume classes. Light is still there in 48 thousand homes.
The road through the Smoky Mountains (part of the Apalachee) is closed due to heavy snowfall. The region fell about 60cm of wet snow.
As in many states, Vermont schools are closed, electricity was gone, felled many trees. The locals, of course, pleased that the damage was not as large as expected, but hard to recover, because not yet fully able to cope with Irene. 3550 homes have no electricity at the moment.
In the north-east of the country most affected by the Sandy, three vessels are operating out of the state. Sailors help restore electricity supply missing after heavy wind and snow. In the state killed two people, without electricity are about 29 thousand.
Statehouse encourages local people to begin to come to work by Wednesday November 7. Fully restored the transport system of the state. Open to the public Neyshnal National Park Mall. Without electricity are only 70 houses.
Here and there is a layer of snow thicker than 30 cm under the weight of a ceiling collapsed eight buildings in the area, Nicholas, thankfully of the people living there were no injuries. In other places, yet killed 6 people. 224,000 homes are waiting for restoration of electricity.

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