Hydrographs CF is 15 times increased the area of reclaimed areas of the Caspian Sea

In 2013, the hydrograph of the Caspian Flotilla 15 times increased the area of the developed areas of the Caspian Sea

During the summer season 2013 hydrograph of the Caspian flotilla carried out a large amount of work on the development of navigation and hydrographic support of navigation in the Caspian Sea and in the waters of the Volga-Caspian Canal.

In order to increase the visibility and illumination recommended shipping lanes installed and put into operation modernized light-optical devices by 60% lighthouses and navigational signs glowing on the coast of the Russian sector of the Caspian Sea.

NIS chief in Astrakhan. "Rift"

In the third quarter will begin start-up operations for the launch complex automated system for digital and cartographic information. The use of the complex will enable real-time and with high efficiency to bring weather forecasts and changes in navigation conditions relating to the safety of navigation, to the Caspian flotilla of ships at sea.

On the hydrographic ships and boats completed the installation and commissioning of the modern multi-functional hydrographic systems. These complexes in addition to the main purpose — of the depth measurements and photography, bottom topography, measurement and forecasting meteorological conditions — can be used in search operations for the detection of submerged objects of various sizes.

Application hydrographers fleet of the latest developments in the field of navigation safety has allowed a 15-fold increase in the current year, the area under study areas of the Caspian Sea — from 100 to 1,500 square km, accounting for a quarter of the area of the Caspian Sea.

Also in accordance with the state defense order before the end of 2014 will be modernized only ship of the Hydrographic Service of the Caspian Flotilla.

Press service of the Southern Military District

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