Hyundai Petersburg plant increased production by more than a factor of 2


Petersburg Hyundai plant in the I half produced 112390 cars — 2.3 times more than in the previous year (about 48,000 cars). On the agency "AUTOSTAT" the press service of the company, adding that about 60,000 cars of this amount accounted Hyundai Solaris, still about 50,000 vehicles — a new Kia Rio, which is produced in St. Petersburg in August last year. According to the press service of "HMMR" high growth in production has been made possible thanks to the launch of the third shift in August 2011, as well as an increase in production capacity at the end of the year. Total in 2012, the company plans to release 200,000 cars, half of them — cars of Hyundai, the other half — Kia.

Recall, the official opening of the plant, "Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus" was held September 21, 2010, and mass production of cars began Jan. 17, 2011. The first stood on the conveyor sedan Hyundai Solaris, in May to add to it this hatchback model. Due to the high demand for the car in record time at the St. Petersburg plant Hyundai launched a second and then a third shift, which increased the production capacity of the company was originally established with 150 to 200 thousand cars a year. In addition, in mid-August lineup, "Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus" joins the new Kia Rio sedan. Since January of this year, the company also produces hatchback Rio New

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