I think that’s what …

Colleagues! I think that’s what — This site is extremely useful and paramount thing: contrary to shake hands with different media told that our homeland is reborn. I at one time on the city forum started a relevant topic to people in my town knew about it. Some of the members of the forum did not like it and kept trying to throw shit at ventiyaltor, and even now sometimes try, but I’m just stupid and wildebeest its line: the country and its people are alive and well, the Empire Reborn. I started at 21.05 13.01.11 words:
Russian Empire meant to be. And again she gets it. Is quiet, almost imperceptible to the uninitiated. This is her emergence trying every way to shut up, to convince us that we are already on what can not, but to ruin oneself by drink and steal. But in a country are not only thieves and liberasty. The country has lots of people who work every day to strengthen the State. More about that here: http://sdelanounas.ru/blogs/
Made from us!

I suggest the following. Everyone in his village would go to the local forum and start a story about the revival of our country. It is time to restore order in the minds of people. Since the order and starts, first in the head, then he shows up five meters from your carcass, and then in the apartment, in the hallway, in the yard, on the street, in the city, in the country. The procedure we need to survive is our homeland and we are with her, and our children and grandchildren. If not us, then who will?
Well, let’s start, colleagues?

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