IBC Compass has developed GLONASS navigation module for artillery ammunition

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Moscow Design Bureau "Compass" — one of the major Russian developer of navigation tools for the armed forces — successfully tested the GLONASS navigation module for artillery ammunition.

The new module, created as part of the "dynamics" can be installed on new shells, and the existing ones, said a source in the Defense Ministry.

Module development of "Compass" can screwed into the head of artillery shells and 152 mm above the fuse on a regular place. It includes a combined fuse, GLONASS receiver and control surfaces — aerodynamic control surfaces, which are arranged in the air and adjust the trajectory of the projectile — explained to the "News".

Unlike shells, driven by a laser beam, the projectile with the module "Dynamics" does not depend on weather conditions and does not require external illumination purpose, allowing you to quickly hit point targets with known coordinates. The circular error probable upgraded so the projectile does not exceed 10 m, while for conventional 152-mm shells at long range shooting, it may be 100 m or more.

The Russian version of the modernization of ammunition allows the shells satellite-guided much cheaper than the American 155-mm projectile with Excalibur guided by GPS. This missile, equipped with a gas generator and a built-in handlebars, worth more than $ 80 million is expected that a large batch of its price should drop to $ 50 million Domestic module that allows you to upgrade existing warehouses shells, will cost slightly more than $ 1 million, said " Izvestia "a source in the military-industrial complex.

— The module can be used for both the old shells, as well as new, but in any case it will be much cheaper than the U.S. product. Russian scientists have been able to achieve the GLONASS signal reception on a spinning projectile, while the American "Excalibur" to stop its rotation to get a navigation signal. This greatly complicates and increases the cost of its construction, — noted the newspaper.

According to the editor of the specialized magazine "Arsenal" Victor Murakhovski, the new Russian design — a real revolution in the military.

— With the new shell can be reused to reduce the consumption of ammunition. When firing conventional ammunition to the platoon strong point to 1.8 thousand shells, and then take ten times less. Accuracy of upgraded missiles falls from a distance — it will be the same regardless of whether we shoot for 5 km or 50 km. It allows you to instantly hit any target, the main thing — to know their coordinates, which can be obtained from exploration, drones and other sources — said the expert.

Murakhovski also noted that the low price of the module allows to quickly equip the artillery units plenty of guided missiles, with no additional upgrade themselves do not need guns.

However, the head of the Center for Military Forecasting Anatoly Tsiganok noticed that the effective use of such shells in the armed forces do not have enough systems precise targeting.

— Deep exploration solves other problems, and none of its guidance on long-range artillery will not be distracted. Satellite controls all the battlefield and also will not be reconfigured under each instrument — said Tsiganok.

According to him, inducing high-precision missiles to unmanned spy planes, which in the Russian army yet.

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