Idols West — Mick Jagger and David Bowie — soloists homosexuals

Mick Jagger and David Bowie fascinated each other as music stars and as men. Jagger was four years older than Bowie, but Bowie has called the new shining star of music. Ziggy, dressed in spandex and gold paint on the body hugged Mick when he went to him backstage in the spring of 1973. When a few months later Rolling Stones invited Bowie and his companion Scott to his concert, Mick not only paid for a hotel room for himself and Bowie, but also sent him a rose, champagne and a note signed "Love, Mick."

If Jagger still being modest about his sexual preferences, Bowie did not even try to hide the fact that he and his wife, bisexual, and often share partners. "Mick looked at Bowie, and thought that perhaps this is the wave of the future — said the former executive vice president of MainMan, engaged in the affairs of Bowie, Lee Black Childers (Leee Black Childers). — Mick was ready to do anything in order to preserve his reputation, and David at the time was the biggest celebrity. "

"That was the era of glitter and shine of rock, and everyone wanted to be a member of a bisexual revolution," — says the singer Chuckie Starr (Chuckie Starr), stumbled on Mick at a party in Beverly Hills that week, when the ballad «Angie» became a hit number 1 . "Mick was still the same. It was man-made diamonds, blue eye shadow and platform shoes. "

"Why did you go backstage?" — Said Starr. "Because I have great respect for David Bowie," — said Mick.

Keith Richards (Keith Richards) was one of those who are puzzled by an obvious obsession with his friend David Bowie. "The thing is — he said — that Mick could do ten times more than Bowie, and in a T-shirt and jeans. Why try to be someone else, if you're Mick Jagger? "

Angie Bowie, too, looked with disfavor on the development of relations between Mick and David, although for different reasons. She believed that her husband will not benefit from flirting with Jagger, and that such a friendship could even cost him the authority and credibility of its young and savvy fans.

Bowie, who called Mike Jagger only, not Mick, thought otherwise. He is not only admired the ability Mika year after year and start electrostatically charged audience, but also respected veteran rock for his architectural talent and business acumen. "He thought Mick financial genius — said Andrzej. — We all thought so "

Jagger and Bowie soon began to notice together everywhere — and always without their wives. They sat in the front row ringside during the fight Muhammad Ali and Ken Norton, amused at the London disco Tramp, yelling and clapping happily for Diana Ross concert, or just sitting on the couch hugging in the hotel room. Neither one nor the other superstar not complained about the adventurous photographer who took them into one of those moments when Mick Bowie put his head on his knees, and he gently stroked it. Micah Bowie has also led to films about gays. "David, — said the British television producer Kevin Kang (Kevin Kahn), — a born master convert people to their faith."

By October 1973 the couple lived in Bowie Oakley Street, just a short walk from Cheyne Walk. Angie a few days left London. After returning from a trip early in the morning, she went straight to the kitchen to prepare tea. Bowie's maid, who came to the house an hour earlier hostess came up to her with a surprised expression on his face. "There's someone in your bed," — she said Angie.

Angie stood up and slowly opened the door to his bedroom and saw lovebirds together: Mick Jagger and David Bowie slept naked in the same bed. Men abruptly woke up. "Oh, hello, — said clearly surprised Bowie. — How are you? "

"Well, — said Angie. — Coffee does not want to? "

Mick was silent, blinking rapidly. A few minutes later Angie returned with coffee and orange juice on a tray. Although at the time of copulation Angie did not catch them, she was "absolutely convinced that the men were fucking." "It was quite obvious, and I even thought it was not that they did not fuck", — she said.

Angie then upset. She did not know how serious it from David Mick, and how to compete with him. "I was not all the same — she said — but nothing I could do about it." "Maybe — she tried to joke later — they wrote« Angie », when I caught them in bed together."

She left the house and came back for the afternoon. Mick was not there. Oddly enough, when Angie was trying to convince David to break up with Mick, she sought attention Mick. "It's a pity that it was not me and Mick, — she said. — I always thought that Mick in bed unchecked. He is such a sexy guy. "

In truth, she had the chance, but she missed. When Mick was really trying to seduce her, she, for some inexplicable reason "all the time giggling and could not stop." A former lover Mick Feysful Marianne (Marianne Faithfull) had no such problems: at the end of 1973 she had an affair with David Bowie, perhaps, at a time when relations between David and Mick were at their peak.

In fact, it seemed that all these intrigues and entertainment is not provided at the time of any effect on the feelings of Bowie and Jagger to each other. Backing vocalist Ava Cherry (Ava Cherry), who lived for some time, the couple Bowie, allegedly confessed to someone of friends, that "Mick and David are really obsessed with each other sexually. Although I was often with them in bed, I could only watch as they have sex. "

According to Cherry, these relations are not limited to sex. The men were very close emotionally and 'practically lived together for several months. " Lee Childers shrugs: "Everyone knew that occurs between them. They did not try to hide it. "

Disc Jockey in Los Angeles Rodney Bingenheimer (Rodney Bingenheimer), close friend from backstage musical world, contemptuous snorts when he sees the attempt to hide the relationship between Jagger and Bowie. "Mick and David were lovers, of course — he says. — And the secret of this, they did not do. "

Probably best to evaluate the nature of relations Bowie and Jagger may Buell Bibi (Bebe Buell) — tall and stunning girl with a reversal Playboy, which has had affairs with both, and they lasted for years. But David and Mike this lady did not stop. Among her amorous adventures were Elvis Costello, Rod Stewart, Jimmy Page, Steve Tyler of Aerosmith, Todd Rundgren and Prince. (She claimed it was for her Prince wrote the song «Little Red Corvette».)

Buell was only eighteen, and she met with Rundgren, which became major hits «Hello It's Me» and «I Saw the Light», when in 1973 the New York club Max's Kansas City caught a glance Bowie. David quickly seduced her. Soon after, she met Mick in concert Eric Clapton. During the party after the show, Mick seemed to be regained contact with his old friend Clapton, but at the same time struggling to lure into bed Buell. "Mick just flirted wildly — she recalled. — He always come to me and urged me to throw Todd. "

Rundgren "flipped out" when he saw Jagger followed his girlfriend in the kitchen. "We're going home right now," — he said Buell, and on the way she read a strict lecture on "guys like Warren Beatty and Mick Jagger."

After a while Mick persuaded her to dine with him. "This is a man who can wander the slums along with the dregs of the gate, and drink tea with Baron such and such — she said, when Mick first time in her life has treated Buell land. — Mick is very diverse, very versatile, he impressed me. "

He finally persuaded her to come to his apartment in New York's Hotel Plaza. Mick, do not waste time in vain, threw the clothes and got into bed.

"What struck me was how small and fragile — recalls Buell. — These tiny little bones. But as a lover Mick was neither brittle nor humble. Sleep with him it's not the same thing that sleeping with a bag of bones. He was very aggressive lover, a very strong and confident. "

With regard to that part of the anatomy Jagger, Keith Richards, which later called his "tiny penis", the Buell spoke of it more favorably. "I would say that this piece it is more than adequate."

When Bowie and Jagger realized that both of them at the same time love affair with Buell ('Nobody was monogamous, while all slept with everybody "- she said), the stars came together and decided to involve her in an orgy or two. "I've been getting some strange phone calls from Mick and David at three in the morning — she said. — They offered me to join them in bed with four gorgeous black women. " Or, Buell adds, "with four gorgeous black men."

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