If our kids had a forum, which would have been the theme in it?

"Try to feed me cauliflower: how to react?" "Kaka is not just 2 days, how to escape from the tube, Duphalac, enemas, etc.?" "SOS!! Mom sleeps through the night!" "How do you chair Chico Polly?" "I do not give a tear wallpaper!" "How to sneak up on a cat?" "Going to the district hospital. Boiling" "Do not give scatter cat filler. How to respond?" [Cut] "put to bed at 9 pm. How to deal?" "My golopopye photos online. How to deal with these?" "Staying abroad. Is it worth it to take with your parents?" "What has to be able to mom in 27 and a half years?" "Who tasted ointment Bepanten? Really want, but have not managed to …" "A kiss you in the ass?" "Prompt speech therapist for grandma", "How many phones you have already sucked?" Help! Put on shoes — how to get up now? How to learn to sleep without letting breasts? As soon as I sleep — it falls Services: Artistic blur of porridge in the face Who has what mobile?. His melodies are already tired let’s change "My mother’s nose is not elastic. Is this normal?" "Help Grow your hair!" "Selling a set of clothes for her mother, size 46" "What kind of position to take in a dream that all home visits and be touched. Sharing Experience" "Mom just tapping his fingers on the keyboard, or it means something?" "Sharing experiences — in which mold is more convenient to write" "Who was that? Mum something false howls and disturbs sleep" so that this eat to poop purple? "Masik. Bunny, honey, lapulik, cat .. how do you know my name?" Mom like crazy glad my turd — to what expert to turn to? "" In the 25 years can not sing! Who to contact? "" The Pope does not grow bald. It is rickets? "" I — carrot puree yourself — chocolate. Where is the justice? "" Where is the spout? Where are his eyes? … They themselves do not know whether that?? "" Mom swollen belly. What’s wrong with her? "Cry from the heart: Cat food is tasty! But all attempts to establish the validity of severely suppressed, why?!" Polling for infants: What would you like to see my mother has eaten on New Year’s night, "Poll: who tried houseplants? What delicious? "Annoyed Mother’s sisya! I want my dad’s! Has anyone come across? "How to get rid of hair on my father’s chest? On vydiranie reacts cry. Advise painless way!" I had eaten!!!!! How to explain this to the parents? "" It needs your financial support: we do not have salt and sugar. I eat porridge empty. Sick "" Ladushki-ladushki …. There is a horned goat …. And what is the creative potential of your parents? "" Why all the time sister shows me the tongue and makes faces. The low level of culture? "Help New diaper make me look fat! Advise normal model Every day wash. There are still the same dirty?"

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