If they exist, then it is the new weapon of mass destruction




Vladimir Emelianenko

Ministry of Health will soon report on the mental health of the nation will be on the table Russian parliamentarians. Its preparation involved deputy director of the Center for Social and Forensic Psychiatry. VP Serbian Zurab Kekelidze. On the question of why Moscow can be called a city of new crazy and began the interview.

— They say that in Russia there were brainwashed people who do not remember who they are and from where? Many of them in Moscow?
— I do not want to call them zombies. These are people who have lost their memory. Suspect them is that they are mentally ill, almost impossible, but they do not remember anything about his past, but from the moment of insight all remember and know. Today, we are on treatment of 14 patients. Except for one, all the others managed to gradually recover in one way or another memory. Some of them do something to remember. The other part — for example, a doctoral student from Moscow, which, thanks to television was able to connect with loved ones — do not remember anything. That's what we told him what his name is, he Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics, his family lives in Moscow. Not all, but many, he acknowledged. When he sat down to read the summary of his doctoral thesis, so carried away that he began to say, "Here's what I would rewrite, but it would be thrown out." That is the memory he has, he can not actualize it.
— How do you feel about the widespread version that this memory is intentionally "turned off" at any time and can be activated by so-called programmers personality?
— This is a phenomenon we have not been studied. I can only talk about the three assumptions. First. This new form of hysteria that develops under the influence of stress. Like, I'm not me, the horse is not mine. The second. This is a special form of memory loss that could occur under external influence. For example, the "treats" clonidine. His influence on the psyche of poorly understood and there are all sorts of nuances. The third. We are working on the version and seizure of wealth or money from the victim, and the option of shootouts. But here's the kind of problem. We have a cure is a resident, said if from Stavropol. Four months ago, he went to work that morning with 50 rubles in his pocket, and "found" himself in Moscow at the Kursk station. In all that time, he never attracted the attention of the police, that is, was nor-mal-tion! In any case, his behavior was appropriate societal norms or hold anyone. It and managed to find something solely because early in the morning he was detained by police while checking passports, which he did not. The gap in time until the man himself was looking for, is about three to four months. During this time, if there was any external influence on the human psyche, it is extremely difficult to establish, it is impossible … and there are no witnesses.
— How rare such a mental disorder?
— They are not as small as I would like. In Viazma found amnesiac from Saratov, Kazan — from Volgograd. Total in Russia about 17 people. But all the records of hits Moscow — 14 people. These cases are, in fact, no longer separate. What is happening and why — I do not know. Working on this problem the whole direction of our center.
— What you as a scientist suggests that it is not ruled out an external impact on these people?
— Now we have seen one such patient. At first he did not know who he is and where. Then he began to say, as if he came from Kaluga. "In my opinion, I was in Moscow", — he said when we told him about where he is. A week later, he remembered that he could be in Rostov and Chisinau. And after some time working with him, he suddenly began to remember the Greek words. Then he spoke in Greek. "I know the Greek language — now he says. — I've lived in Greece. I'm standing on the deck and see the island of Greece, but I do not see myself there. I wiped though. " Tell me, what is it? Zombies? The case? But he drives a car, speak foreign languages, know how to swim, shoot, versed in military equipment … You know, the worst thing is not that these people may have bullied or programmed. The worst thing is that if a zombie … No, I'm sorry, if there is a form of memory, and it can be affected, it does not need any atomic bomb, no radiation. Nothing need. This may be a fundamentally new weapon of mass destruction.

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