If you were a kid in the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s

If you were a kid in the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s, looking back, it’s hard to believe that we have managed to survive to the present day. As children we were driving in cars without seat belts and airbags. A trip on a cart pulled by a horse on a warm summer day was indescribable pleasure. Our beds were painted in bright colors with a high content of lead. There was no secret caps on the bottle, the doors are often locked and not locked cabinets ever. We drinking water from the column at the corner instead of the plastic bottles. No one could conceive of riding a bike in a helmet. The horror. For hours we were making carts and scooters from the boards and bearings from the landfill, and when I first raced down the mountain, remember that you forgot to attach the brake. Once we drove into the prickly bushes a few times, we dealt with the problem. We left the house in the morning and play all day, returning when the lit street lamps, where they were. All day no one could find out where we are. Mobile phones were not! [Cut] It is hard to imagine. We cut the hands and feet, broke bones and teeth knocked out, and no one who did not serve on the court. Sometimes all. Blame was just us and nobody else. Remember that? We fought to the blood and went in bruises, getting used to not pay attention to it. We ate cakes, ice cream and drinking lemonade, but none of this does not tolstel because we were worn all the time and played. One bottle drank a few people, and no one died from it. We did not have video game consoles, computers, and 165 channels of satellite TV, CDs, cell phones, the Internet, we rushed to watch cartoon all crowd into the nearest house because Vidic was not there! But we were friends. We got out of the house and found them. We ride a bike, started up a match for the spring creeks, sitting on a bench on the fence or in the school yard and talked about what they wanted. When we needed was someone we were knocking on the door, rang the bell, or just went and saw them. Remember that? Without permission! For yourself! Some people in this cruel and dangerous world! Without protection! How do we survive? We came up games with sticks and cans, we stole apples in gardens and eat cherries with pits, and seeds did not germinate in our stomach. Every once signed up for soccer, hockey or volleyball, but not all were in command. Those who have not got, learned to deal with disappointment. Some students were not as smart as others, so they were in the second year. Test and examinations were not subdivided into 10 levels, and assessments included 5 points in theory, and 3 points, in fact. At recess we poured water on each other from old reusable syringes! Our actions were our own. We were prepared for the consequences. Hiding was not for anyone. The concepts that you can buy off the cops or the slope of the army, did not really exist. Parents of those years usually sided with the law, can you imagine?! This generation has generated a huge amount of people who can take risks, solve problems and create something that did not exist before, just did not exist. We had the freedom to choose, the right to risk and failure, responsibility, and we kind of just learned to enjoy it all. If you are one of this generation, I congratulate you. We are fortunate that our childhood and adolescence ended before the government bought the youth freedom in exchange for commercials, mobile phones, factory of stars and cool crackers … With their common consent … For their own good … and indeed in the world seven wonders of the world, and much more. Just you and I are used to them and sometimes do not even notice it. Well, maybe not a miracle the first Soviet aftershave? Remember that? Pieces of paper? And such a miracle as tuning the car Moskvich-412? Remember that? 5-penny coin on the perimeter of the windshield, fur steering wheel, shift knob epoxy with rose and, naturally, a police cap on the rear window. A rubber band on the pants — it’s also a miracle! After all, it keeps well as pants and tights and mittens! Cake with jam — is not a miracle? You never know which side will come out jam! Another inexplicable miracle — lift, please hand those who had a normal teacher work … and not an alien? And this miracle, string bag with the meat for pane? Remember, to get useful — dumplings fell! And this one here is a wonderful mother’s divorce: "I’ll buy now, but it’s your birthday!". Or here’s this magic phrase my grandmother goodbye: "Only banks return!". A refrigerator ZIL remember, that with such a handle? It’s a one-armed bandit! You pull the handle — sypyatsya banks. And, by the way, that is still lying in cold storage at the side of the door? No, not the eggs. And no ketchup. On the side of the door are … medicine! Free medical care — is also a miracle. One doctor and two queues — one for coupons, and the second on record. And a third one was — "I just ask!". Yes, how many there were, these wonders of the world … A small window from the kitchen to the bathroom — what’s there to see, explain? Shoehorn-horse … Tooth powder — like brushing your teeth, and silver … Manneken Pis on the toilet door … TV "Ruby" — you take the pliers and fence-fence-fence! Swim with anchors … remember? The milk in triangular packages! And you say: "Seven Wonders of the World!". We used to do a lot of things this is now and it never will climb up to do … What’s more, if you ever do today what was doing all the time — you do not understand, and may take a madman. Well, for example, remember, water dispensers. There was still a faceted glass — one at all. Today, anyone and would never drink from a common cup! (Today it is stolen five seconds after the installation of the machine, exactly three seconds before utaschat machine itself …). Before, after all drank of the cup … The usual thing! And no one is afraid to pick up any infection … By the way, these glasses used for their cases local drunks. And, imagine you just imagine it — they return the glass on the spot! Do not believe me? And then — a common thing! And people hanging sheet on the wall, turn off the light and muttering something under his breath in the dark? The sect? No, the usual thing! Before every home ceremony was held, which was called hold your breath — the filmstrip! Remember this is a miracle! Those who now runs the projector filmstrips? Belching smoke, pungent smell throughout the apartment. A board with such inscriptions. What do you represent? Indian high priest Aramonetrigal? In fact, it’s you Ms-ga-tion. The usual thing! Millions of Soviet children burned cards moms on March 8 — Mommy, congratulations on International Women’s Day. I wish you a peaceful sky, and your son — a bicycle … And all sat in the bathroom, and in the dark — and there shone only the red lantern … Guess? The usual thing — printed photos. All of our lives in these black and white photographs, printed his own hands, and not a soulless uncle of Kodak … Well, you remember what a fixer? Girls, do you remember Clip? Surprisingly, not a single kid in the world does not know the rules of this game! A collection of waste paper in high school? Until now, tormented by the question — why? And I’m a full time dad’s Playboy archive there took. And I do anything for it was not! Only my mother wondered why the father was so meticulously check my homework? … Yes, we were the same as those we have here are: 1. by mistake, you type your password on a microwave system access 2. you have a list of 15 numbers to contact his family, which consists of 3 people 3. you send e-mail to a colleague that he was sitting in the next room 4. you have lost contact with their friends or family because they do not have an email address 5. after work you go home and answer the phone as if you were still at work 7. You fall into a state of panic when out of the house without a mobile phone and you’re
going back for him 8. You wake up in the morning and the first thing you do — is connected to the Internet, even before you drink coffee 9. you bow my head to the side to smile 10. Now you are reading this text, you agree with it and smiling 11. Even worse, you already know who you pereshlesh this post 12. you’re too keen to see that number 6 on this list 13. You’ll need a second to run again for the message and make sure the numbers 6 is really not.

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