Ilim Timber has launched two new lines for the production of veneer at the Ilim Bratsk DOK

The company "Ilim Timber" has launched two new lines for the veneer factory "Ilim Bratsk DOK" (Irkutsk region)..

The new equipment was installed as part of a large-scale modernization of the company and will increase production from 160 to 200 thousand m3 of plywood with a reduction in raw material costs and higher product quality.

The basis of the modernization program was the replacement of semi-automatic production lines veneer. Instead of eight existing lines peeling and drying are two lines and two lines of peeling and drying veneer sorting of the Finnish company Raute, capable of the power to replace the previous ones. Also, the company installed a line rebroskleivaniya veneer company Hashimoto, debarking machine was replaced with a new production of Valon Kone. For veneer drying in the drying chambers Raute will use thermal oil, for this purpose on the dock mounted 2 Thermal oil unit (TMU) from Bersey. Thus, the company will have its own coolant.

Production assets "Ilim Timber" are concentrated in Russia, Germany and the United States. The total production capacity is 3.9 million m3 of lumber, 200 million m3 of plywood, fiberboard 30 million m3 per year. The company is headquartered in St. Petersburg (Russia), as well representative offices in Germany and China.

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