Impressions from a trip to Russia. Part Four

I liked the bread and sausage, which I ate in the Urals. Remember, used to be so white loaf propechennogo tasty wheat bread. You are no preservatives. As previously baked and baked. You buy a loaf, otrezhesh slice, smear with oil and … yummy. We, in Latvia, today all sorts of white bread stuffed with preservatives, but not one, but several. In Riga, find sausage without preservatives is almost impossible. But there still may be, you can still eat meat sausage.

In Moscow, the Belarusian sell meat and dairy products, low-cost and very high quality. They are very popular among Muscovites. At the dawn of the market I had the shuttle two years. Carried in Russian Latvian knitwear. What was remarkable Ogre jersey — children’s and women’s suits were a great success. But then the armor was expensive, and the Latvian knitwear could not withstand competition with the Belarusian. Vast Russian market of food and industrial goods had been lost.

Now about the prices. A few years ago, prices of food and manufactured goods were cheaper in Russia, but now the prices are almost equal, and in some ways it was even more expensive. However, the gasoline in the Urals is almost two times cheaper than in Latvia. But there are counter-examples. In the capital of the province wanted to buy an umbrella on the cheap, but did not find one. Range of expensive boutiques, prices sky-high. The impression is that everything is for sale for only very wealthy people.

On the other hand, surprised by the price of urban taxis. Over a hundred rubles, you can access any point in million city. In the provincial capital of orgomnoe number of machines. But not only is struck. Struck by the speed with which they move through the city. They were just mad. The impression that everything is terrible hurry. Stir in a few bands, and especially one of the rules is not in compliance with their transition to one lane to another. After a quiet Riga and careful driving with all the rules we went to the taxi on the streets of the Urals city with a sinking heart.

But it is not only ride in town. If you go, say, from the airport by taxi to another city, then you may well lead to a speed of 140 km. per hour. Yes, the road will give sarcastic comments about those who fall into the ditch. And you will go to is not new or sevens and nines on not so smooth roads, so the noise and shaking will be many. But it’s in the province.

But in Moscow for most of the ride on imported cars. A few years ago, it was fifty-fifty, now imports finally defeated.

But in the province of people also live well. My brother drove up for a visit to the new Lada Kalina. His son went on a luxury Audi. Machinery almost everyone, as well as mobile phones, computers and other modern technology.

If a few years ago, felt the difference between urban residents and village, now this is practically no difference. We went to the field to pick berries, and there were a lot of other people. It seemed to me that this is a picnic somewhere on the dacha outside Moscow. And they were all rural kids and their parents. What are dressed! In hats, light blouses and shorts. And they razgovorivayut! It’s just intellectuals. Visited the large inter-village festival, which was held outdoors in a beautiful place. Wonderful concert, games and activities, beer and snacks. But I have not seen a single drunk, and no scandal.

This is the final article in the series "Impressions from a trip to Russia." Does Russia have difficulties and problems? Yes, plenty. About them every day and they say on TV. But someone really wants everything, absolutely everything in this great country portray black paint, to prove that all is going to end, that just about everything will fall apart, and some of these ruins will dance and rejoice. Yes, many a policy of demonizing Russia, diminishing its role in World War II, trying to level it up to the level of a dictatorial and barbaric country that has no place on the world map. But this is not the case sovereshenno. And best of all it dakazyvat concrete life of specific individuals with whom I meet every year and which convey greetings to all!

Ivan Sokolov

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