Impressions from a trip to Russia. Part One

Every year I go to Russia every year bring a lot of impressions. Usually in Moscow on his way, and this year went to see a friend, talked, talked. What are your impressions? Moscow gives the impression of a giant metropolis — the size and number of people are breathtaking.

Everywhere janitors, cleaners at airports and other places of work immigrants from Central Asia. If earlier it was occasionally, but now it has become widespread and has become part of everyday life. In London or New York, there is the same — there is undervalued jobs also perform guest workers from foreign countries.

An interesting point — janitors in Latvia, as a rule, Russian-language work. Latvians themselves packs go to England, and now in Germany to work there nannies, waiters, salespeople, dish washers and wipers same. That is where they are in the same position as the natives of Central Asia in Moscow.

There is much talk about the ratings of the different countries. Russia usually put somewhere in the tail, equating it to Zimbabwe or even to some countries. But what we see with our eyes, it is best evidenced by the fact that Russia is at the level of developed countries such as England, Germany, USA. Russia — is a powerful country, attracting to itself other nations. She is able to not only ensure the well-being of its citizens, but provides jobs and well-being of tens of millions of people from neighboring countries.

Already it is clear that the residents of the neighboring countries can not just get along, they can not survive without Russia. I paid attention to the faces of these young guys. They were all quiet, a lot of work and very diligently. They gave the impression of the people who have come under the protection of a reliable and a great friend.

Here is another episode. One was driving through the countryside in the South Urals. In the district center I picked up a resident of a neighboring village. No farm, no farms, no work, and many passenger cars. Talking. Proved sensible and educated man. Flies in Kogalim works in shifts — a month there, a month in her village. Decent car, nice house, where recently conducted water and gas, decent roads. It turned out that there are villages where most of the ride to work in Siberia. Earn well, and these towns transformed into small city with all urban amenities. Of course, the bad, there is no local production. But people do not go abroad to work, as in Latvia. Humans have the capacity in their own country to earn very good money and retire at age 50. This is my friend oilman said he will soon fifty, and he will retire. Nice pension, a big house with all the amenities in the countryside and yet a lot of strength and health for life.

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