Impressions from a trip to Russia. Part Three

I remind you that I only write about what confronted with personally. This impressions based on what I’ve seen and know for sure. We do not take any average statistics or data to the international rankings. The life that you see with your own eyes is different from different ideological persuasion.

At this time it will be on pensions. My older friends, who are over eighty, get 26 thousand Russian rubles for two. This is 13 thousand rubles per person. Translated into the armor is 260 lats. My relatives in Latvia the same age, 170 lats. Another five or six years ago, the situation, if we talk about these very same people who were quite the opposite. My relatives in Latvia received the same 170 lats, while familiar in Russia received much less. Then, in Russia all added and added, indektsirovali inflation, Latvia faces the threat of bankruptcy, and pensions are not indexed and not increased. What does it mean when prices and inflation? Everyone understands, people are living much worse. As a result, Russia at my friends pensions are much higher than those of my relatives in Latvia.

Today in Latvia is constantly discussed the need to reduce pensions. Thrown the idea that pensioners have to understand the situation in the country, they have to show a sense of solidarity and agree to a reduction of pensions in the ongoing reduction of everything.

Women retire in Russia go in 55 years. The teachers are retiring on superannuation, accounting for 30 years of teaching stazhda. In Latvia, the length of service for a long time been canceled. My friends are already retired teachers, although still in his prime. Operating refineries and oil-shift workers, working on the watch in Siberia, retiring at age 50. The pension is from 240 lats or 12 thousand Russian rubles.

In Moscow, everyone gets at least 12 thousand rubles, that is, from 240 lats. If the pension is less, up to this level pays the Moscow government. Yes, I forgot to say about the many benefits for retirees. They are paid in part or in full transport costs, the money allocated for the care of the elderly, there are benefits to pay for public services and so on. If you count specifically, it is a very big help for penisionerov. We, in Latvia, there is little benefit.

I would like to here about what to say. The media, especially in recent times, filled with predictions about the imminent end of Russia, its coming collapse, the weakness of the economy and so on. But I go to Russia every year since 1991, and I see specific examples, it is developing rapidly. For all the above facts and figures is a strong economy and a mighty power. This is a real and great strength, not a shit on a leash.

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