Impressions from the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in London: Olympic feast during the plague of British

Long gone days of glorious olimpionikov and Olympic traditions. The modern Olympic Games, unfortunately compromised by the war of 2008, when the shame of the Georgian people — Saakashvili — treacherously attacked South Ossetia and Abkhazia. And Britain, this neotpavshy tail humanity behaves no better.

On duty bound to watch the opening of the Olympic Games in London, the author frankly bored by overlooking the murky, as a British politician, Thames. Well, in fact, for the happiness of this — look at some miserable spectacle from a boat stylized Greek Monera, which carry the Olympic flame on the muddy river. Here you have all the English creative.

Actually, there is nothing particularly fun Britons — a picture of the future is very bleak. British soldier quite possibly very soon will not look happier donkey Eeyore from Winnie the tales of Pooh. The cost of the Olympics Britain were not at the time. And will long halloo to one another to the local taxpayer. However, this is not the worst thing in the future of Britain.

The UK economy is mortally ill. Her Majesty's Government have had to make all sorts of cuts. The military budget is cut to the critical values. It comes then that is considering the sale of ships the Navy. The former mistress of the seas can not contain its own fleet. This process is objective, little by little, Britain expelled from everywhere and the next area where Britain will have to go, will certainly Malvinas Islands.

The economy is like a dying fish, which is still gasps, but her use of this no. If it is still someone interested in and surprised, it will be recalled that, in comparison with the first quarter GDP (equivalent of GDP) fell by 0.7%. Britain's services sector, which in terms of volume equal to 75% GDP (remember this number, we will get back to it), showed an increase of 0.2% in the first quarter and then fell to 0.1% in the second quarter. As you can see, there is neither growth nor stability. Financiers such a phenomenon referred to as increased volatility. This is, without a doubt, the second wave of the crisis.

The drop in production was 1.3 percent. The construction, which is 8% of the economic sector of the country has decreased by 5.2% of its value (1.54% of GDP). All this is so impressive and sharp decline during the quarter, we can say that — and if the patient is able to get out, then the process will be long, very painful. How to meet the jokers and doctor to question the patient: doctor, and I will live long? Will probably do not want! And the British monarchy, now looks more like a fetid swamp in which previously were carried out devils, but now it's just a filthy corner of the planet. Now in Britain and devils do not.

When you look at this country and remember how much meanness and nastiness came and comes into the world with these islands, then you know how hard sometimes delayed punishment for the sins of humankind. Each time, spending time in this country, the author had to smell of decay coming from all around. From the UK have always wanted to go faster, for example, France or Germany. In these countries still have the spirit of development.

The author does not accidentally drew the reader's attention to the ratio of production and services in the British economy. 75% GDP — is a service, that is, products for export are not made. In fact, three-quarters of the country's GDP is eating away borrowed money. Among the services, of course, not only a restaurant or shoe business, but, first and foremost, a bank. British gentlemen here, of course, have succeeded in many ways and twist strapped to his own people the world nouveau riche money.

Among the stolen money and a lot of Russian. Britain kindly permit entry uvorovannye money without taxing their duties. You, gentlemen, and steal all vezite us. And when you are at home against initiate a criminal case, we will cover you in every way that others have seen that lead to pilfer it here.

However, the laws of economics has not been canceled and that Britain was living within our means, it has to earn the money, not to redistribute pilfer. The stability of some of the trends shown in the above figures shows that Britain is plunged into a second wave of crisis every bit slower than the rest of the European Union. British budget deficit is huge 8%. This alone suggests that Britain waiting for hard times.

Finance Minister George Osborne, of course, still the fruit. The country is not in the euro zone, though quite successfully parasitized in this very euros. Now, when things are grim eurozone, Britain has found the culprit in all of this and calls on Europe to expel Greece from the euro zone, and immediately start the process of issuance of debt securities in which she immediately invest your money and will successfully parasitize the next 100 years. Itself is no obligation on the United Kingdom to bear the euro will not, for the simple reason that the euro zone Britain has not joined. But all of benefits that can be obtained, Britain welcomed. Simply put, the British (and American) banks want to climb on the back of the German donkey, who will then have to drag it all the splendor on their backs, and these same gentlemen will continue to blame the donkey for his negligence. Earlier this happened with the states of the world. Now things have changed, and indeed the German donkey bucks now. This is the main problem of the UK.

Today we can say that it is much worse were the relations the United States and the United Kingdom. Previously, these two countries are very often were in agreement on many issues. Now, for the first time the United States did not support Britain in the Falklands issue. Cameron's visit to the U.S., ostensibly to see a basketball game and a chat with Barack, exactly that and ended. In a dispute with Argentina over the Falkland Islands (Malvinas) U.S. refuses to support Britain. This is a very bad sign for the British Crown. As soon as the Falklands depart Argentina, and sooner or later it will happen, will start a chain reaction for other territories. Britain will have to beat a hasty retreat from everywhere, but the most important thing that remained within their islands, Britain and the world will not get there. The internal conflict in the country is strong enough, and it leaves no doubt that the United Kingdom will cease to exist as a unified state in our lifetime.

Britain needs today-scale projects that require significant funding, the ideal situation would something like Gibraltar or the development of the Shtokman field. Of these projects, then one would swing a profit for years, but the trouble is, where such projects are possible, for some reason they do not believe the British decency.

At the level of the external perception of Britain today is very different from how it was perceived in the last quarter of the previous century. Then the hallmark of Britain for the world were shaggy "The Beatles" with their special fervor. Today Britain — is aged homosexual Elton John weighed depression, hard drinking and drug abuse. The UK has no future, if only because it has no more than the national idea. She has nothing to say to the world.

The only thing worthy of words that could be heard the world is asking for forgiveness for all the nasty that has been done to this country. But that will never happen, for the simple reason that Britain itself does not understand that this moment is ripe. There is still held in high esteem tradition of begging mercy from the Queen, elevated to the status of a national holiday, and other medieval muck. When such things are broadcast to the whole world, the British look complete idiots.

British "most free" press, and seemed even the most corrupt, and British gentlemen commonplace criminals. Everyone is familiar with the scandals and illegal phone tapping "cooperation" with police.

The opening ceremony of the XXX Olympic Games — a collection of episodes from the history of England, which are designed to show the greatness of the British Crown and its ubiquity, in time and in space. However, after the ceremony is always very important to stay impression. So experience is very similar to the thoughts of the crash of Britain, they can be combined with one phrase: "The process is too tight."

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