Improved biokozha impressed foreign scientists

Developers of bioplastic material "Biokozha" visited the international forum "Innovative Technologies treatment of burns and other injuries in emergency medicine," which took place in the Israeli town of Highland. It was initiated by the All-Russian public organization "Association combustiologists" World without burns. " To take part in the forum Orenburg Russia’s top scientists invited combustiologists, director of the federal Burn Center Surgery RAMS. AV Wisniewski, Professor Andrey Alexeev.  

Leading experts in the field of emergency and military medicine from Germany, Austria, Israel and other countries have submitted reports on the forum dedicated to new tools and technologies in the treatment of burns victims of man-made disasters.

Head of the laboratory of cell technologies Orenburg State University scientists Ramil Rahmatullin introduced with the results of pre-clinical studies of the second generation of bioplastic material. It features an improved composition, not only high adhesion to the skin, but also to mucosa. Biokozha aroused great interest among foreign colleagues who expressed their willingness to approve it in their clinics.


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