In 2011, in the Vladimir region commissioned 10 new productions

First Deputy Governor Vyacheslav Kuzin held meeting of the board of administration of the Vladimir region. Consideration was given to the implementation of investment projects in the organization of industrial production to be commissioned in 2011.


Chairman of the Committee for Industrial Policy and Science Vitaly Lonskaya noted that at present the most attractive investment sectors of the economy are: food and chemicals, pharmaceuticals, metal, precision machinery, auto components, and fiber optic equipment and construction materials. There is a positive trend in the development of nanotechnology. So, RUSNANO co-financed in the region have implemented 4 projects.

The list of investment projects on the organization of industrial production to be commissioned in 2011, has been listed 14 items. All projects are funded by debt and equity investors, without the involvement of public investment. To date, 10 sites entered into operation, two (JSC "Microbor Nanotech" and slaughterhouse "Firm" Mortadel ") are in the final stage, but the in-service date postponed to 2012.

Among the largest of newly created enterprises V.Lonsky noted the following:
In the framework of the priority investment project in forest development of Vladimir LPK created a modern sawmill in Kolchuginsky area.

In Kameshkovo commissioned the production capacity of the first stage of JSC "Vladimir Crane Works’ design capacity of 30 thousand tons of metal per year. Basically workshop on an area of 6 thousand square meters. meters commenced assembly of special cranes working height of up to 100 meters. Also, the company will produce metal structures for highway bridges span of 60-80 meters and the steel supporting structures for modular prefabricated metal buildings for various purposes. At present, the enterprise employs 50 workers at reaching full capacity — up to 300 people.

At JSC "Electrocable" Kolchugino "mastered completely new production and started production of fiber-optic cable for high-tech equipment of leading world companies. The volume of investment for the project — EUR 4 million, annual production of up to 50,000 kilometers of fiber-optic cables.

As part of the development of industrial zones on the basis of the former factory Stavrovskiy ATO established a modern enterprise LLC "Tramiko" to produce automotive components — noise-reducing coatings for cars Volkswagen, Nissan, Fiat and others. The total investment was 120 million, the number of employees — 50 people, the design capacity — 650 thousand ceilings or 100 million products shipped per year.

On the territory of Sudogodsky area in the village of Baraki organized the production of industrial anti-static furniture used in enterprises of electronic industry. Further on the basis of this site is supposed to create the Center of High-tech manufacturing of advanced technology (the amount of investment of 1.5 billion rubles.).

Also introduced into operation production: mineral water bottling plant in the Starch "Novlyanskaya," completed in 2011 provided for the modernization of textile nonwovens of synthetic fibers in the enterprise "Avanteks" in Vyaznikovsky area, as well as objects with the participation of foreign capital Companies "Nestle" and "Boydak."

Developing the theme of the subject matter, director of the department of foreign economic relations Shamota Vera stressed that the administration of Vladimir region to attract investors and to increase investment and launching new projects and provides them with additional incentives, such as tax breaks.
The 2011 recipients of tax credits were 20 organizations. Total volume of investments aimed recipients of state support for investment projects as of September 30, 2011 was 26 billion 172 million 163 thousand rubles. The number of employees of organizations that implement approved investment projects, accounting for more than 4.4 million people, while the average salary — 26.5 thousand rubles.
In the first 9 months of this year, investments in fixed assets received in the amount of 32.1 billion rubles, which is 20.7% higher than the corresponding figure in 2010.

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