In 2011, the troops CVO received more than 700 new cars combined arms appointment

In the military units of the Central Military District (CVO) continues to receive new vehicle technology. It is a specialized vehicles for different purposes (6 modifications "Ural" and "Kamaz").

As reported in the Group information management CVO, since the beginning of 2011, the troops of the county received more than 700 units of motor vehicles. Among them, 30 cars "Kamaz-6350», equipped with armored cab for the driver and armored units on the platform for the transport of personnel and cargo for military purposes.


CVO fleet also joined two dozen heavy truck tractors with semi-trailer "Kamaz-65225." They are made on the wheel formula 6×6, able to tow trailers with full weight up to 50 tons in off-road conditions. Acquisition of vehicles expanded local security tools installed, winches and power take-offs, designed to connect special equipment and components for various purposes.

Before the year is expected to enroll in the military units CVO more than 400 units. vehicles for different purposes. In addition, the county has a program of deep modernization of weapons and military equipment in order to increase the engine power, increase the reliability of electrical equipment, transmission and running gear of the fifth wheel and the geometric cross.

Right to modify cars CVO competitively received JSC "Remdizel" (Naberezhnye Chelny) and "automobile plant" Ural "(Miass). More than 200 cars have already upgraded, 300 cars were factory-scheduled maintenance.

In 2011, more than 3,000 vehicles passed comprehensive technical service, and in 2012, the plan will be serviced even more than 8000 units. motor vehicles and motor base chassis arms and services.

Service was first carried out by representatives of manufacturers, allowing for work to attract qualified professionals to use original spare parts and consumables.

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