In 2011, the villages of the Republic of Komi created 14 new fire stations and fire stations

New fire stations were opened in p.Borovoy (Ukhta) p.Sedkyrkesch (Syktyvkar), p.Dutovo (Vuktylskaya district) s.Yb (Syktyvdinsk district) p.Mezhdurechensk (Udorsky district), Ust-Vym ( Ust-Vymsky district) Velikopolye Village (Ust-Kulom area) and s.Noshul (Priluzskiy district), the individual positions of fire protection — in p.Podchere (Vuktylskaya district) p.Mitrofan-Wildness (Trinity-Pechora region) p.Yasneg (Syktyvdinsk district) s.Brykalansk (Izhemsky district) s.Beloborsk (Ust-Kulom area) and s.Zamezhnaya (Ust-Tsilemsky district). The total number of personnel of the Fire Service of the Republic of Komi has been increased by 175 units.

Last year, the establishment of three fire-chemical stations: main substation in the village, the village Koslan (Udorsky district) and the village of White Wood (Trinity-Pechora region). Fire-chemical stations operating in the Komi regional forest fire center (under the establishment of the Committee of the Republic of Komi Forests), and the first thing they will more effectively combat forest fires. But if necessary, the station will help to protect and towns.


In 2012, in rural towns across the country plan to create 2 fire stations and 11 individual fire stations.  

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