In 2012, Russia has experienced a significant increase in the production of poultry meat

The volume of production of poultry meat in agricultural Russia in January-February 2012 exceeded 500 thousand tons in carcass weight. It is up 16.9%, or 73 million tons more than in the first two months of 2011.

The increase in production is observed in all federal districts of the country. The highest growth rates in real terms are marked in the Central (23.6 thousand tons deadweight), Volga (14.9 tons) and the South (11.7 tons) of the federal districts.


In the medium term, the dynamic increase in the production of poultry meat in Russia will continue. Investment attractiveness of the industry remains at a high level.

In February 2012 it was reported more than ten new investment projects Russian poultry industry, construction and commissioning of the production of which is already underway or will be implemented in the near future. Investment in the largest of them will be from 4 to 5 billion rubles. The total meat production in the framework of these projects — about 120 thousand tons in carcass weight, including 67 tons of turkey meat, 20 tons of duck meat.

In January-February 2012 reported on 23 investment projects in the sector. Total growth of production in the industry after launching businesses in operation, according to preliminary estimates IAA "IMIT", is about 650 thousand tons of poultry meat. As expected, almost all of these items will go to the full capacity over the next two years.

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