In 2012, the Army goes the latest equipment

According to the state defense order in the coming year in the Army (SW) goes the latest equipment, in particular, operational-tactical missile complexes "Iskander-M", anti-aircraft missile system S-300V4, multi-purpose self-propelled missiles "Chrysanthemum-C", etc . interest in CB will be more than 20 research and development projects.


An amount four times the cost of the last year, it is planned to purchase 2 sets of brigade unified management system at the tactical level and more than 20 thousand items of communication equipment, mainly radio tactical level.

Expected to arrive in the NE over 2 thousand armored vehicles, recovery vehicles and cars, including a special armored fire engines to equip the artillery depots and arsenals. Also planned modernization of more than 600 units of armored vehicles.

In the special forces will be supplied machines "Val" sniper rifle "Vintorez" instruments of observation and sighting, close combat and personal protection personnel.

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