In 2012, the Baltic Fleet’s helicopter fired more than 250 landings on aircraft carrier ships

In the 2012 academic year, the pilots separate naval anti-submarine helicopter squadron of naval aviation of the Baltic Fleet (BF) carried out more than 250 shipboard landings Ka-27 helicopters on the deck of ships of the fleet.

The crews of the squadron completed more than 1.5 million flights, 40% of them — at night. Total flying time pilots of the aircraft was more than 1.8 million hours and the average flight time each driver — more than 80 hours. As part of combat training helicopter pilots conducted more than 60 training on search and detection of submarines simulated enemy during the day and night, as well as search and rescue at sea of people, lifting them on board from the water surface.

Squadron pilots took part in the campaigns of distant ocean warships in the BF group mezhflotskoy Navy carrier battle group of the Northern Fleet, testing the newest ships, including the Navy (Navy) foreign countries.

Helicopter pilots BF performed the tasks as intended in international naval exercises "FRUKUS-2012", "Baltic SAREX" joint exercise on mine action with the French Navy.

In 2013, the crews of the Ka-27 to take part in the company and battalion tactical exercises coastal forces, the in-goal tactical exercise groups of naval forces, as well as in international naval exercises and distant ocean-going ships BF campaigns in areas of the North Atlantic and the Mediterranean. One of the most important combat training for pilots of naval aviation fleet will participate in the operational-strategic exercises "West-2013". 

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