In 2012, the Group Ilim conducted work on reforestation

territory of 35 hectares

In 2012 year reforestation carried out in the forest branches "Ilim Group" Koryazhma, Bratsk and Ust-Ilim region an area of about 35 thousand hectares. As part of the establishment of forest plantations planted 4 million 700 thousand seedlings of pine and spruce, planted more than half a ton of seeds of these species.

Also on the square for more than 7 hectares is caring for the young.

Total area of reforestation work in the concession area in Irkutsk, Arkhangelsk, Vologda Oblast, Komi Republic and Krasnoyarsk region was 42 thousand hectares.

"Ilim Group", "as a responsible forest user conducts reforestation throughout, which provides logging, — said the director of forest strategy" Ilim Group "Igor Sapunkov. — The company’s plans — to carry out a gradual transition to an innovative reforestation, including the use of planting material with closed root system and intensive model of forest regeneration. "

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