In 2012, the Rostov put into operation 650 km of transmission lines and 36 MVA transformer capacity


 In the past year in the responsibility of the Rostov branch of "IDGC of the South", built and put into operation more than 650 km of power transmission lines of 0.4-110 kV and 36 MVA transformer capacity.


The volume of investment in the power grid complex of the Rostov region amounted to over 2.7 billion. Of capital investments 2,350,000,000 rubles, including the grid connection 177 million rubles., Introduced fixed assets amounting to 2.05 billion rubles. In 2012, built socially important object — 35 kV substation "Dugino-1." Construction of the substation is necessary to supply water intake and pumping station of the 1st ascent in x. Dugino for treatment plants in the north-western part of the city of Rostov-on-Don in accordance with the federal target program "Clean Don."

Built a line voltage of 110 kV for power plant "Guardian-Glass" in Krasnosulinskaya area and a number of other large investment projects area. Connected to the power grids of more than 6,800 consumers in the region, including homes, schools and kindergartens, and other socially important objects. The rapid development of the economy and infrastructure of the Don generates a significant increase in electricity consumption. In the future, the JSC "IDGC of the South" will continue to improve the energy system of Rostov region to ensure uninterrupted electricity to consumers.

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