In addition to global warming, the Earth threatens global dimming


In addition to global warming, the Earth threatens global dimming

19.12.03, the


Scientists have found that the planet is not only warmer, but also darker.

They believe that in recent years the amount of sunlight reaching the Earth's surface has decreased by 20 percent, according to British newspaper The Guardian. The reason was the pollution of the atmosphere, which contributes to an increase in cloud cover, which plays the role of a computer screen. As is known, the cloud reflect light with one hand help to accumulate the heat radiated by the ground, and on the other they prevent the entry of solar radiation

The effect of "global dimming" could have a serious impact on many aspects of life on the planet, from solar energy to change the growing season in different plants. Climatologist Jim Hansen of the Institute for Space Studies at NASA's Goddard at Columbia University in New York, confirms that "over the last couple of years, the amount of solar radiation reaching the earth's surface has dropped."

Experts believe that global dimming may occur due to increased atmospheric concentrations of microscopic particles of anthropogenic origin. Dr. Hansen notes in this regard: "Observations on the meteorological stations 100 disposed around the world show that the amount of carbon in the atmosphere is more than twice than previously."

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