In Akhtubinsk the construction of a runway length of 4060 meters

April 25 began construction of a new runway for the State Flight Test Center. Chkalov, located in Akhtubinsk Astrakhan region.

For the city Ahtubinska such a large building — an important event of the last two decades. For builders, managers and workers FSUE "the Office Building of roads and airfields at Spetsstroy Russia" — an important object.

In place of "zero" is a new excavator took the first bucket of soil and lowered it into the body of a completely new truck.

On the territory of glycerol them Chkalov be built artificial runway length of 4060 meters, taxiways, water and drainage systems, and other objects. Completion — December 2014. 

Construction work on the territory of the State Flight Test Center. Chkalov units will perform "State ATS at Spetsstroy Russia" from Izhevsk and Kaluga, the first detachment of the technique came to Ahtubinsk in March. And require the involvement of local experts. Therefore, in the city media ads posted an invitation to the work of builders, drivers, workers and engineers of other specialties.

Who is imported into the territory of construction rubble, sand, repaired, access tracks, platforms for storage of bulk materials. That is, is that the preparatory work, which begins every large construction project.

Deputy Head of Federal State Unitary Enterprise "State ATS at Spetsstroy Russia" for the construction of airfields Sergei Kalmyikov stressed that the construction of a new band — pride.

"Spetsstroy Russia for the production of works in Akhtubinsk bought a lot of completely new equipment powerful trucks, excavators, bulldozers, other special purpose machinery. Including purchased: modern concreting complex "Hammock 2800", 2 new concrete plant Belgian capacity of 180 m3 per hour each. This high performance is required, because the concrete runway in the body should be laid continuously, that is — around the clock, regardless of weather conditions. Therefore, the quality is very high ".




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