In Aldan (Rep. Yakutia) opened training center skiers

On October 27, Aldan inaugurated the ski center, which for many years was the status of "protracted".

April 11, 2006 an agreement was signed between the Chairman of the Agency for the FCC and the Prime Minister of Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) on cooperation in the field of sports development in Yakutia, and in particular, the construction of ski sports complex in Aldan, which must comply with all international standards. Implementation of the project of the Center of skiers began in 2007.


Aldan has unique climatic and geographical conditions, such as the optimum height above sea level, a record early formation of stable snow cover, comfortable weather conditions, the availability of the training process and competitions in winter sports on natural snow until mid-May, the presence on the territory of area with year-round snow patches of snow, as well as profiled and the relevant international standards for relief and a height difference of ski trails located in a beautiful forest area.

In Administrative — sports complex has a sports hall and gym, indoor running track at 120 meters, a modern recreation center.

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