In Amber (Kaliningrad region). Commissioned bank protection structures

In Amber commissioned shore protection structures. This succeeded to save the village sewage treatment plant. Back in 2007, in the area of sewage treatment facilities Amber collapsed banks, which put at risk the continuing operation of the facility. The situation worsened after the 2011 storms. 

In July 2011 it was decided to develop the design documentation for shore protection that would stop the erosion of the slope and to ensure the safety of treatment at Amber.
When the project has been evaluated, the construction of a retaining wall included in the FTP. 
On the construction of the object allocated 20 million rubles. Work began in 2012. As a government customer and developer acted PG KO "Baltberegozaschita." 

The total cost of construction amounted to 18.6 million rubles. Now the slope protects the massive reinforced concrete wall is longer than 80 meters. On its construction took 773 cubic meters of concrete, 5,400 cubic meters of sand, 69 tons of steel. The construction allows you to effectively extinguish the force comes in waves and ensure the stability of the soil under treatment facilities. 
To work for the protection of the Baltic Sea coast in the Kaliningrad region was carried out systematically, the Ministry of Construction jointly with scientists developed the concept of the development of coastal protection programs in the region for the period of 2013-2020 years. The concept was approved at a cabinet meeting on November 27. 
"As part of the approved concept ministry has already started the development of coastal protection program for 2013-2020", — said Sergey Mayorov.

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