In ancient Egypt, the surgeon makes a head transplant



In ancient Egypt, the surgeon makes a head transplant
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According to psychologist Dr. Habib al-Hafez ancient mummies show on heart bypass surgery, organ transplants, plastic surgery on the face and even a sex change operation. There are even indications that the ancient surgeons to perform such procedures, which we are not yet able to carry out, namely, the transplantation of limbs of the body and increase the brain.

Ancient doctors knew more about the human body and the way of his actions, rather than the current, — said Dr. Al-Hafez, the results of two years of work of which over 231 mummy dating back to 2700-1250 years BC, created a furor among archaeologists and historians. — Surprise types of operations they perform.

One of the mummies was discovered transplanted head. This means that the ancient physicians knew how to make the body's immune cells did not tear away foreign tissue. This is something that can not do modern medicine.

Dr. Al-Hafez believes that medical technology in ancient Egypt in 1900 BC. e. was at the highest level. These methods of treatment are widely available and rich Egyptians pharaohs and in later centuries, and were forgotten until after the conquest of Egypt by Alexander the Great in 332 BC. e.

Up to this day have not survived any written evidence of medical advances Egyptians. But these mummies are proof that the Egyptians were the greatest physicians of all time.




































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