In April, a candy factory Slav launched a new line of chocolates

In April 2012, a candy factory "Slav" (Stary Oskol, Belgorod region). put into operation a new line of chocolates "Bird pleasure." The line is fully automated and manufactured in-house by mechanical plant "Slav", which is part of the "Slav."

  • one of the shops of the factory "Slav"

Performance of the installed equipment — 1.5 tons of product per hour.

"Before we bought similar equipment in Germany. We have a factory operates seven lines of similar import. Now we can do to make the line. It has already passed the introductory tests and showed that the product is produced of high quality. In connection with this result, it was decided to introduce a new line of production ", — said Sergey Gusev, chairman of the board of directors of confectionary "Slav."
On the mechanical plant "Slav" produced all types of food pumps. They are in no way inferior to imported and the price in the end — twice below. Replacement and installation of its pumps helps to significantly reduce equipment costs, while maintaining product quality.
 "Over time, we plan to move to self-service. Everything will be made in the home: from confectionary to packaging and production lines "- shared Mr. Gusev.


About the Company:
Confectionery Group "Slav" works for almost 80 years. "Slav" — a few modern facilities equipped with the latest high-tech equipment, the total production capacity — 150,000 tons of confectionery per year. Installed modern equipment of leading European manufacturers provide world-class quality products.
In 2011, KF "Slav" produced 106,000 tons of confectionery products in the amount of 15 billion rubles., The holding company employs 5.5 million people.


The range of confectionery association is represented by more than 400 names: wafer candy brand "Miracle", the group product series "Bird pleasure", gummies, which have no analogues on the basis of nougat candy, soft candy and lipstick with various additives, chocolate, candy, sweets sets , caramel, cookies, waffles, waffle cakes, jellies, marshmallows, jelly beans. Product quality is ensured certified quality management system and food safety systems in accordance with the international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 (HASSPV).

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